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What is ResumeMaker ?

ResumeMaker is an AI Resume Builder designed to streamline the job application process. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, it simplifies resume creation, making it accessible to job seekers regardless of their expertise level. With a user-friendly interface, it offers a tailored experience, guiding users through crafting a professional resume efficiently and effectively.

Features :

  • AI-powered resume writing assistant
  • Easy to use for any skill level
  • ATS-friendly design
  • No sign-up required for building resumes
  • Customizable resume sections
  • Privacy-friendly, with local data storage

Pricing :

  • Free for basic resume creation and download
  • Pay-Per-Download for premium PDF resume

Estimated Visit Traffic :

66.65K /Month

User Distribution :

India - 17.28% | United States - 6.66% | Colombia - 3.3% | Chile - 2.63% | Argentina - 2.6%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • وظيفة كل يوم 🧳 icon
    وظيفة كل يوم 🧳
    نشر الإعلانات الوظيفية
    كل هذي المواقع تسوي لكم CV احترافي مجانًا وبسهولة :

    لايك عشان ترجع لها بعدين ♥️

    1- resumemaker.online

    2- resume.com

    3- novoresume.com

    4- resumegenius.com
  • There's An AI For That icon
    There's An AI For That
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    6. ResumeMaker .Online

    Generate resumes instantly with input-based automation!

    🦾 taaft.com/tool/resumemaker-online/
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    منصة تَرس
    منصة لنشر الفرص الوظيفية و العمل عن بعد، والتجارة الإلكترونية منصة ترس تختلف لتصل إلى تطوير مُجتمع ✨
    كل هذي المواقع تسوي لكم CV احترافي مجانًا وبسهولة :

    لايك عشان ترجع لها بعدين ♥️

    1- resumemaker.online

    2- resume.com

    3- novoresume.com

    4- resumegenius.com
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  • Tintin (💙,🧡) icon
    Tintin (💙,🧡)
    Community Manager for hire.
    Here’s a simple resume-maker.

  • MRMAA.org icon
    MRMAA was established to provide training, and certification for individuals seeking to specialize in medical billing and RCM support for the private practice.
    Creating an effective Project Management Office CV can be easy with the right tools. Check out this guide from @pmmajik: buff.ly/3j1qt0p
  • EJ icon
    ResumeMaker.Online | Create a Professional Resume for Free www.resumemaker.online/
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    Zabe @ Metric.al
    CEO and Founder @getMetrical. Our AI cuts costs and increases revenue for e-commerce co.'s. Tweet about finance/investing, politics, tech, startups & science.
    AI to quickly build your resume - www.resumemaker.online/
  • Mr.Santosh Saladi icon
    Mr.Santosh Saladi
    Making a resume can be tough, but this website makes it easy and free! No sign-up required, just check it out! www.resumemaker.online/#Resume #ResumeTips #ResumeWriting #JobSearch #JobHunt #JobTips #JobSeekers #Jobs #Career #CareerAdvice #Employment #HR #CV #Free #Template

What users think about ResumeMaker - from Twitter

  • ResumeMaker.Online is celebrated for its user-friendly interface that allows individuals to craft professional CVs effortlessly and at no cost.
  • This AI-driven platform has garnered attention for its efficiency, enabling users to create personalized resumes with ease.
  • The tool has been lauded on social media for its automation feature, which swiftly generates resumes with user-provided information.
  • Among users, ResumeMaker.Online is praised for its helpfulness in creating resumes optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems, enhancing job seekers' chances.
  • The platform's popularity is reflected in its inclusion in the Product Hunt Hot 100 list, signifying its growing recognition and user support.
  • ResumeMaker.Online stands out by offering a hassle-free experience, requiring no sign-up and providing several downloadable formats for the generated resumes.
  • Social media users appreciate the straightforwardness of the tool, making resume creation less daunting and more accessible for everyone.

ResumeMaker Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Free basic service with AI assistance
  • User-friendly interface for all skill levels
  • Customizable and ATS-friendly resumes

Cons :

  • Premium features require payment
  • Limited template designs

ResumeMaker FQA

  • 1How to write a resume with AI?

    Click the AI Assistant Button in the profile, work experience, and skills sections.

  • 2How long should a resume be?

    Keep it to a single page for concise review.

  • 3What to put on a resume?

    Include education, work experience, skills, and achievements relevant to the job.

  • 4How far back should a resume go?

    Generally, 10-15 years or to the start of your relevant work experience.

  • 5How to list references on a resume?

    It's recommended to provide references in a separate document upon request.

  • 6How should a resume look?

    Aim for simplicity and readability, avoiding distracting design elements.

  • 7Are there any resume examples available?

    Yes, the website contains AI-generated resume examples for inspiration.

ResumeMaker Use Cases

  • Job seekers creating their first resume
  • Professionals updating their resumes for new opportunities
  • Individuals looking to tailor their resume for specific job applications

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