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What is Play ht ?

Play.ht is a text-to-speech AI tool that offers a wide variety of natural-sounding voices for different applications. It includes features like voice cloning, customizable speed, a large library of integrations, and a pronunciation and phonetics library.

Features :

  • Voice cloning for custom voice needs.
  • Customizable speed for audio generation.
  • Integration with over 5,000 web applications via Zapier.
  • Pronunciation and phonetics library for accurate speech rendering.
  • Natural pauses and emphasis in speech for realistic audio.

Pricing :

  • Free Plan: 12,500 characters, one instant voice clone, access to all voices and languages.
  • Creator Plan: $39/month or $31.2/month (annual) for 3 million characters per year, ten instant voice clones.
  • Unlimited Plan: $99/month or $79.2/month (annual) for unlimited characters and clones.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for large-scale needs, including team access and advanced security.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

2.12M /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 16.66% | India - 8.16% | Philippines - 4.85% | Brazil - 4.34% | United Kingdom - 3.97%

Play.HT Review 2023 | AI Voice Generator | 100% Monetization

Discover the groundbreaking capabilities of Play.HT, an AI voice generator allowing you to transform text into lifelike speech, ready to charm your YouTube audience. Dive in for an in-depth review of its features, pricing, and more!

1. Why Play.HT is a Game Changer

Play.HT uses advanced machine learning to churn out natural-sounding text-to-speech audio, revolutionizing voice content creation across platforms.,With Play.HT's diverse linguistic abilities, you'll never have to struggle to speak or read a new language before using it in your content, making global outreach a piece of cake.,This AI voice generator not only caters to content creators but also offers invaluable aid to individuals with disabilities, facilitating seamless communication.

2. Advanced Features at Your Fingertips

Play.HT shines with an impressive array of voices and languages, boasting over 570 male and female voices across 60 languages, thanks to partnerships with tech giants like IBM, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.,The platform's Neural Voices leverage machine learning to deliver voiceover audio with the intonation and prosody of natural speech, marking a significant leap from the robotic tones typical of standard text-to-speech offerings.,Complete with commercial and broadcasting rights, Play.HT empowers you to fully monetize your content, broadening the horizon for audio entrepreneurs.

3. Tailored to Perfection

An arsenal of expressive emotional speech styles awaits, ranging from newscaster to empathetic tones, ensuring every piece of content has just the right emotional undertone.,Cutting-edge customization features like the Pronunciations Library and voice attribute adjustments let you fine-tune every sound bite to align with your brand's unique voice.,For those dabbling in complex projects, Play.HT's multi-voice conversation capability brings diverse audio characters to life, making scripted dialogues more engaging than ever.

4. Affordable Pricing and Accessibility

Despite its high-end features, Play.HT remains accessible, offering plans starting from as little as $14.25 per month, ensuring quality voice generation isn't a luxury out of reach.,The platform's free trial lets you dip your toes in the water with 600 words and 3 downloads, encouraging you to test the waters before diving into a subscription.,Whether you opt for the Personal, Professional, or Premium package depends on your audio quality needs, but rest assured, Play.HT caters to every level of voice generation aspirations.

5. Community Insights and Experiences

The ever-engaging interaction with our community showcases the allure of Play.HT, with many highlighting the impressive realism of its premium voices.,Questions about voice names, how to contact creators, and tool recommendations for video editing reflect the community's eagerness to optimize their use of Play.HT.,Viewers value not only the informative content but also the opportunity for an easy, seamless transition into monetizing with AI-powered audio.

6. Harnessing the Full Potential of Play.HT

Testimonials from the audience confirm the high-quality output of Play.HT's voiceovers, likening them to human narrators—a testament to the software's cutting-edge technology.,Curiosity about the use of Play.HT in monetized projects, particularly on platforms like YouTube, underscores the software's promising role in the business models of digital content creators.,Positive feedback and forward-looking inquiries signal a robust, growing interest in integrating advanced text-to-speech solutions into modern media production.

7. Play ht Video Summary

As the digital landscape thrives, Play.HT emerges as a stellar AI voice generator, delivering high-quality voiceovers without the hefty price tag. Its text-to-speech prowess, multiple languages and voices, and full monetization rights make it a go-to for content creators. In this article, we dissect the ins and outs of Play.HT, equipping you with all the information you need to elevate your content game.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Angry Tom icon
    Angry Tom
    Consultant & AI educator | On a mission to build an empire with artificial intelligence
    10 insane AI tools you must try in 2024:

    1. Chatbot ➝ Botsonic.com
    2. Tools ➝ Humanornot.co
    3. Voice ➝ Play.ht
    4. Videos ➝ Invideo.io
    5. Images ➝ Storia.ai
    6. Agents ➝ Synthflow.ai
    7. Content ➝…
  • Sophia icon
    Architect , NFT fan and Tech adventurer. here is where we could combine Ai with our everyday life 💻❤️
    Exciting Update! Just stumbled upon an awesome tool – PlayHT's AI Voice Generator! Now I can magically transform my text into super-real voices in any language or accent. It's like my own personal voice wizard!

    Check it out: play.ht/
  • Nim Eshed 𝕏 icon
    Nim Eshed 𝕏
    Tech Multitasker, Specialist in Art and AI Design. Project Manager and Father X4, fighting for Israeli democracy.
    Creating images, videos, and presentations from textual descriptions - Midjourney, Leonardo, Stable Diffusion, Pika, PixVerse, Runway, Fooocus, Gamma, ToneAI
    Voice cloning and lip-syncing - RVC, Tortuise, XTTS, Elevanlabs, play.ht, Wav2lip, Video ReTalking, Lalamu…
    twitter post image
  • Oku icon
    🇳🇬🇬🇭Mechanical Engineer ⌚🔩|| Aviator✈️🛩 🚁⚙️🔧|| Auditor ♟||COREN, NSE, PowerBiker 🏍 || FastCars 🏎|| Business🧰 || FC Barcelona
    God and I wanted to play HT GG o 😥
  • (BETTING GURU 🇰🇪🇰🇪) icon
    (BETTING GURU 🇰🇪🇰🇪)
    register #1xbet👉https://t.co/NvFoD7kSHJ use Promo Code 👉🏽 (KENYA2030
    Africa cup of nation's kick off today, pale #1xbet odds za DRAW HT ziko juu, let's play HT DRAW

    Sign up 👉: affpa.top/L?tag=d_2008965m_97c_KENYA2023&site=2008965&ad=97&r=registration
    Use promo code 👉 KENYA2030

    Let’s bless this combo with ❤️
    twitter post image
  • Abhishek icon
    Helping you to leverage AI in Productivity, Audience building and Online business | Sharing latest AI News, Tools and Practical Tutorials
    15 Cutting-edge AI voice generators you can’t afford to skip:

    1. Lovo. AI
    2. ElevenLabs
    3. Speechify
    4. MURF. AI
    5. Synthesys
    6. Listnr
    7. WellSaid Labs
    8. Play. HT
    9. Voicera
    10. Voicebooking
    11. NaturalReader
    12. Resemble. AI
    13. Podcastle. AI
    14. Descript
    15. Dubverse
  • Priyank Agrawal icon
    Priyank Agrawal
    Dir of Eng @AiRailz, earlier core team @CutshortHQ, hustler, prob solver, workaholic, learner. Writing my mind 👇 & always open to chat about anything just DM.
    @BenjaminDEKR You missed out Play.ht which is very comparable to Elevenlabs in quality and pricing both
  • boombag💰 icon
    Risk taker, follow with caution⚠️ | Arsenal💜
    This is annoying when you play HT 0.5🥺
    twitter post image
  • Mighty Zubi💯 icon
    Mighty Zubi💯
    If person play OV1.5 then go play 1-0

    Play GG then go play 4-0

    Play OV2.5 then go play 0-0

    Play Either Half then go play HT 0-0 then FT 2-2

    Which option man go pick again 😩😩
  • Oku icon
    🇳🇬🇬🇭Mechanical Engineer ⌚🔩|| Aviator✈️🛩 🚁⚙️🔧|| Auditor ♟||COREN, NSE, PowerBiker 🏍 || FastCars 🏎|| Business🧰 || FC Barcelona
    CHELSEA fans abeg beg una club.

    Money wey I take play HT OVER 1.5 I no tiff am 😥😥

What users think about Play ht - from Twitter

  • Play.ht is listed as one of the insane AI tools to try in 2024, specifically acknowledged for its voice capabilities.
  • Users appreciate PlayHT's AI Voice Generator for its ability to convert text into voices in various languages and accents.
  • Play.ht is mentioned alongside other AI voice cloning and lip-syncing technologies.
  • Among a selection of advanced AI voice generators, Play.ht is noted for being comparable in quality and pricing to other leading services like ElevenLabs.

Play ht Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Realistic voices that sound human-like.
  • Hundreds of voices in various languages.
  • Voice cloning feature for unique voice requirements.

Cons :

  • Some standard voices are of lower quality.
  • Limited range for non-English languages.

Play ht FQA

  • 1Can I use Play.ht’s voices for commercial purposes?

    Yes, in the Professional or Premium plans which include a commercial license.

  • 2Does Play.ht offer a free plan?

    Yes, Play.ht offers a free plan with limited features and character limits.

Play ht Use Cases

  • Podcast hosting for creating professional episodes.
  • E-learning content creation for accessibility.
  • Bloggers and freelancers to enhance content with audio.

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