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What is Permar ?

Permar is an AI Website Builder designed to simplify the process of creating professional and visually appealing websites. With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, Permar empowers users to craft personalized websites without the need for coding skills or extensive design knowledge. Whether you're a small business owner, freelancer, or aspiring entrepreneur, Permar offers a seamless solution to establish your online presence effortlessly.

Features :

  • Drag-and-drop interface for easy customization
  • Built-in templates for various industries
  • AI-powered design suggestions
  • Responsive design for mobile compatibility
  • SEO optimization tools for better visibility on search engines

Pricing :

  • Permar offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of users. Please visit the official website for detailed pricing information.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

4.01K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 22.31% | Chile - 22.08% | Germany - 18.58% | India - 15.93% | France - 10.0%

User Reviews On Twitter

  • Mega Kris icon
    Mega Kris
    Новые нейронки для генерации сайтов.

    Dorik (dorik.com/ai-website-builder) — новая нейросеть, генерирующая сайты по вашему текстовому запросу.

    Galileo (www.usegalileo.ai/explore) генерирует UI дизайн по запросу и картинке.

    Permar (www.permar.xyz/) — генератор лендингов.
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  • Luis Fernandez icon
    Luis Fernandez
    🚀 ¿Listo para nivelar? Únete: meta 2k seguidores. 🎯 IA, finanzas, desarrollo personal. 📚 ¡Formación que cambia vidas, pronto! 🌟
    🖥️ Permar AI:

    Crea automáticamente landing pages para ti basadas en prompts individuales.

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  • Matthias Strafinger icon
    Matthias Strafinger
    Building your virtual CRO Manager. Permar AI analyses your Website Traffic and provides you with recommendations for Website Optimization. ⬇️Book your Demo⬇️
    @pramodk73 Building high converting Landing Pages with the Power of AI for eCommerce brands.

  • SuperbCrew.com icon
    Tech news and stories. Website covering technology and internet companies. Follow for international #tech #startup #news.
    New #Startup www.permar.xyz/product-hunters - Generate #optimised #landing #page with a simple prompt
  • SuperbCrew.com icon
    Tech news and stories. Website covering technology and internet companies. Follow for international #tech #startup #news.
    New #Startup www.permar.xyz - #Generate #landing #pages in seconds
  • Tech Company News icon
    Tech Company News
    New #Startup www.permar.xyz/ai-audit - Increase your #conversion with the #AI landing page audit
  • Guillaume.TS icon
    Développeur FullStack Angular/React/Node J'intègre de l'IA à votre site web ! IA | SaaS | chatbot | prompt
    Permar génère en quelques secondes vos landings pages !

  • Ai Space icon
    Ai Space
    Sharing Insights Of AI | Sharing Latest Tech | Community Builder | Open Source Contributor
  • RYUYA@AIツール大学 icon
    AIソロプレナー&AIビジネスオーナー&AIコンテンツクリエイター&AIフリーランス🤖| 🧠AI, no-code, Business研究者| 自由・知的好奇心 | テクノロジー熱🔥リプお待ちしてます💬 | フォローして一緒に学びましょう!#AIツール大学🎓 #AI #NoCode
    【5. Permar AI】
    Permar AIは、ビジネスが最適化されたLPを迅速かつ、費用対効果よく作成できるAIツールです。数千のLPを学習したAIが、最高のユーザーエクスペリエンスとウェブデータを提供します。時間とお金を節約しながら、コンバージョン率を最大化しましょう!

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  • AI Savvy (effective/accelerationists) icon
    AI Savvy (effective/accelerationists)
    Artificial Intelligence as a Service (#AIaaS). Tips, tricks and solutions. #AIRevolution #UnlockAI
    🚀 Boost Your Conversions with Permar AI! - shorturl.at/eko12🎯

    🤖 Let AI work its magic and generate Conversion-Rate-Optimized Landing Pages that resonate with your target audience. Start converting customers ASAP with Permar's powerful features!

    🔑 Key Features:

What users think about Permar - from Twitter

  • Permar is an AI tool designed to generate landing pages swiftly and efficiently.
  • It simplifies the creation process by using prompts to automatically produce pages that are optimized for conversions.
  • The platform draws on the knowledge of thousands of landing pages to deliver an enhanced user experience and robust web metrics.
  • Besides the core feature of building landing pages, Permar also provides an AI-audit feature to boost conversion rates.
  • The service targets both product hunters and e-commerce brands looking to maximize their online presence cost-effectively.
  • Permar positions itself as a new upcoming player in the lineup of innovative AI-driven tools that also includes entities like Toolbuilder.ai, Clay.earth, and Watermelon.co.

Permar Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • AI-driven design suggestions enhance creativity
  • No coding skills required for website creation

Cons :

  • Limited customization compared to fully custom-coded websites
  • May not cater to extremely niche or specialized design requirements

Permar Use Cases

  • Small businesses looking to create professional websites without hiring a developer
  • Freelancers wanting to showcase their portfolios in a visually appealing manner
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to establish an online presence for their startups quickly and efficiently

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