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What is Musicstar ?

Musicstar leverages the cutting edge of AI Voice Music technology to revolutionize how music is created, performed, and enjoyed. Offering a suite of tools capable of generating music, lyrics, and vocals in under a minute, Musicstar is at the forefront of the AI revolution in the music industry, making it an invaluable asset for artists of all levels.

Features :

  • Rapid music generation in under a minute
  • Supports over thirty-five music genres
  • Generates music, lyrics, and vocals
  • Royalty & copyright free music
  • Customizable based on user's style preferences

Pricing :

  • Trainee: $7.99 - For beginners, includes 20 credits and beta access.
  • Debut: $14.99 - For those taking their music to the next level, includes 50 credits and beta access.
  • Professional: $19.99 - For the most serious artists, includes 100 credits and beta access.

Estimated Visit Traffic :

45.06K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 10.81% | India - 4.08% | El Salvador - 3.42% | Germany - 3.38% | Russia - 2.84%

User Reviews On Twitter

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What users think about Musicstar - from Twitter

  • MusicStar AI facilitates the creation of full-length, royalty-free songs in mere seconds.
  • The platform allows users to customize tracks with options such as inputting specific artists or their own lyrics.
  • MusicStar AI is designed to eliminate creative blocks and lengthy production times commonly faced by music creators.
  • The application is gaining traction, with users sharing their 'join waitlist' positions via social media.
  • MusicStar AI also has a presence on platforms like TikTok, suggesting a focus on engaging with a broad, social media-savvy audience.
  • MusicStar AI is available as an app, indicating accessibility for users on various devices.

Musicstar Pros and Cons

Prosย :

  • Fast and efficient music generation
  • Wide variety of genres supported
  • User-friendly interface
  • No copyright issues with generated music

Consย :

  • May lack the nuanced creativity of human composers
  • Limited customization options compared to traditional composition methods

Musicstar FQA

  • 1.ย What genres are supported?

    Over thirty-five different genres, including pop, rap, rock, country, and more.

  • 2.ย Is music royalty free?

    Yes, all music generated is royalty & copyright free.

  • 3.ย What's the typical turnaround time for music generation?

    Less than one minute.

  • 4.ย Are there any hidden costs or fees?

    No, users just pay for the amount of credits needed.

  • 5.ย What is your refund policy?

    Full refunds are available before any generation from the date of transaction.

  • 6.ย How does MusicStar.AI work?

    It uses an AI-powered generator to create new music based on your favorite style.

Musicstar Use Cases

  • Songwriting and composition
  • Generating music for video and film
  • Creating background music for games and apps
  • Inspiration for artists experiencing writer's block

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