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What is FakeYou ?

FakeYou is an AI Text To Speech tool that transforms written text into lifelike speech, offering a seamless and natural audio experience. With advanced technology, FakeYou ensures high-quality and customizable voice generation.

Features :

  • Customizable voice parameters
  • Multilingual support
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality audio output
  • Flexible character limits

Pricing :

  • Flexible pricing plans tailored to meet varying user needs
  • Transparent and affordable subscription options

Estimated Visit Traffic :

1.91M /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 21.38% | Mexico - 9.4% | Argentina - 5.39% | Brazil - 4.9% | Chile - 4.33%

Siri Reviews the FakeYou AI voice cloning tool and Reconnects with Fluttershy

Hey there, it's your old pal Siri here. Remember me? Today, I'm back with a brand new review. We're diving into the FakeYou AI tool, an intriguing alternative for text-to-speech deepfake voices—especially since 'uberta' pulled the plug on those classic cartoon voices we've all grown to love. Ooh, and guess who decided to drop by? Fluttershy from 'My Little Pony'! Stick around for a surprise reunion as we explore FakeYou together.

1. A Farewell to Cartoon Voices on 'uberta'

As you've probably heard, the 'uberta' platform has undergone a significant overhaul, removing the beloved text-to-speech cartoon voices that many creators used.,While this change has caused quite a stir in the content creation community, 'uberta' has compensated by adding at least 45 of their own voices.,Many users have been left searching for alternatives, leading us to the doorstep of the impressive AI-driven vocal doppelganger service, FakeYou.

2. Exploring FakeYou: A Potent Alternative

Despite the scarcity of FakeYou tutorials on YouTube, we've taken the plunge and created the first hands-on video to give you the lowdown on what it's got to offer.,FakeYou boasts a variety of text-to-speech cartoon voices, along with more advanced 'deepfake' options, providing a creative lifeline for users in need of voice-over talent.,We put the AI through its paces and, while it might not be perfect, the results are certainly impressive. Stay tuned for live testing of the FakeYou's digital mimicry.

3. The Reason Behind the Removal

Fluttershy and Siri rekindle their conversation with puzzlement over 'uberta's decision to yank those familiar cartoon voices.,The suspected reason? The voices may not have been authorized by the original cartoon creators, potentially leading to copyright infringement issues.,YouTube's energy-driven ecosystem requires a fine balance between inspiration and legality. The pair reflect on the importance of respecting intellectual property in the ever-evolving digital arena.

4. The FakeYou Voice Trials

Listening to the FakeYou tool recreating voices like Fluttershy's and others from 'My Little Pony' is an aural treat that demonstrates the AI's robust capabilities.,Although Siri notes that the voice quality is 'pretty good,' some nuances still lack the authentic touch one might hope for in a perfect deepfake.,Feedback from the virtual voiceover test drives suggests that while there's room for improvement, FakeYou stands out as a handy tool for creators navigating the post-'uberta' voice landscape.

5. Siri and Fluttershy's Tech Talk

When Siri and Fluttershy reunite, it's not just fun and games. They dive deep into tech talk, exploring how the recent changes impact content creators like themselves.,Their back-and-forth sheds light on the complexities of producing content with AI tools, respecting copyright laws, and adapting to unanticipated shifts in the tech world.,The clear upshot is the chemistry between the two, creating an engaging and informative discussion that makes technology feel a little more personable.

6. FakeYou Video Summary

This article recaps Siri's impressions of the FakeYou AI tool, the innovative text-to-speech platform filling the gap left by uberta's recent updates. Siri navigates the features and voices available, including Fluttershy's vocal replica. A candid dialogue unfolds as Siri and Fluttershy discuss content creation, copyright issues, and the importance of clear communication.

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User Reviews On Twitter

  • Alfaiz Ali icon
    Alfaiz Ali
    Introvert turned AI geek | Resources, guides, and updates on AI, tech, and coding with a side of awkward charm | Creator @How2use_AI | DM for Collab
    8 AI Tools Just for Fun:

    1. Tattoo Artist

    2. Talk to Books

    3. Vintage Headshots

    4. Hello to Past

    5. Fake yourself

    6. Unreal Meal…
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  • Alfaiz Ali icon
    Alfaiz Ali
    Introvert turned AI geek | Resources, guides, and updates on AI, tech, and coding with a side of awkward charm | Creator @How2use_AI | DM for Collab
    10 AI Tools Just for Fun:

    1. Hello to Past

    2. Fake yourself

    3. Unreal Meal

    4. Reface AI

    5. Voice Changer

    6. Tattoo Artist

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  • SoldieDuby icon
    Hi, I make SpongeBob parodies and memes, you can contact me here
    "De que tamaño es el p1t0 de Plankton?"
    I was bored, so I made this with the spanish AI voices from fakeyou.com
    twitter post image
  • Cam (🔺️,🐃) icon
    Cam (🔺️,🐃)
    Exploring DeFi & GameFi 📈 | $Yak Guide @yieldyak_ 🐃 | Wifi Wealth: @Divine_IO
    5 new AI tools you cannot miss:

    1. Grahamai.co - for tweet writing
    2. Fakeyou.com - for text-to-speech conversion
    3. Stockimg.ai for Logo Design
    4. Playgroundai.com - for Image Editing
    5. Midjourney.com for text to image 👇
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  • SentaiFive (戦隊ファイヴ) icon
    SentaiFive (戦隊ファイヴ)
    I don’t post episode links sorry. Tokusatsu, Gundam, Marvel/DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, & more. I livetweet new eps of Sentai & Kamen Rider weekly w/spoilers
    Kamen Rider Demons with Eric Stuart's Seto Kaiba as Vail/Demons Driver 🕷️🕸️


    #KamenRiderRevice #仮面ライダーリバイス
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  • The Voice Artist's Spotlight icon
    The Voice Artist's Spotlight
    Run by @sljimbolian - plain ol' nerd | Celebrating and profiling the voices behind the characters | Reference: @BTVA | Tumblr: https://t.co/zpdS4eSt5s
    ❗️❗️❗️VOICE ACTORS BEWARE❗️❗️❗️

    Fakeyou.com is hosting AI technology using Text-to-Speech by taking recordings and converting them to TTS. Most, if not all, of it is unauthorized and using the VA’s voice without permission.

    twitter post image
  • ZESG 54 Studios icon
    ZESG 54 Studios
    I like MSM, Angry Birds, FNAF, TTTE, and Jurassic Park, but stuff here can vary I can RP with people if I want to. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube.
    Okay, so I was on the Fakeyou.com website, when someone uploaded a Chica voice that sounded just like @EthGoesBOOM's impression.
    twitter post image
  • Yonathan Arbel icon
    Yonathan Arbel
    Let's Build Safe AI. Law Prof @ Alabama Contracts, Defamation, Legal NLP, and AI Safety
    Ever wondered what Jerry Seinfeld thinks about the UCC?

    Made using fakeyou.com, a deep fake audio generator. What a time to be alive
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  • Tony Vincent icon
    Tony Vincent
    Dad ⭐️ Educator ⭐️ Speaker ⭐️ Former grade 5 teacher ⭐️ Substitute teacher ⭐️ @Shapegrams
    🦊 FakeYou uses deep fake tech to read the text you enter in the voice of television, movie, and cartoon characters. You can get a link or download the audio file.

    🔗 fakeyou.com
    twitter post image
  • kinoposting icon
    Suda51/AITSF fan | @THESWOOPERR Strongest Soldier | he/HIM | bi | 21 | @ConeyPosting owner | Art Account @Kino_Creates | my love @residencelimo 🩷 B: @dv9lity
    @avantbebop I decided to do it with the actual silver case voice

    twitter post image

What users think about FakeYou - from Twitter

  • FakeYou.com is a text-to-speech conversion tool that uses deepfake technology to replicate voices.
  • The platform is capable of mimicking the voices of various characters from television, movies, and cartoons.
  • Users have voiced concerns over the unauthorized use of voice actors' recordings to create text-to-speech models.
  • Several users have explored the tool for entertainment, creating audio clips that sound like famous personalities or characters.
  • There have been warnings issued to voice actors to be aware of their voices potentially being used without permission.
  • FakeYou.com is mentioned as part of a list of AI tools meant for fun and entertainment.
  • The site allows users to generate and download audio files or get a link to their generated TTS clip.
  • Some instances show users enjoying the ability to create humorous or whimsical content with the tool.

FakeYou Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Advanced voice customization
  • Wide language support
  • Free trial available
  • Versatile platform compatibility

Cons :

  • Subscription-based pricing
  • Some users may find it complex for basic use cases

FakeYou FQA

  • 1How does FakeYou guarantee natural-sounding voices?

    FakeYou utilizes state-of-the-art neural network models to create realistic and expressive speech.

  • 2Can I customize the pitch and tone of the generated voices?

    Yes, FakeYou provides users with the ability to fine-tune and personalize the pitch, tone, and other parameters.

  • 3Is there a limit on the number of characters for text conversion?

    FakeYou offers flexible character limits, ensuring users can convert both short phrases and lengthy texts.

  • 4What languages does FakeYou support?

    FakeYou supports a wide range of languages, enabling users to generate speech in their preferred language.

  • 5Is there a trial version available?

    Yes, FakeYou offers a free trial for users to experience the capabilities of the AI Text To Speech tool.

  • 6How secure is the data processed by FakeYou?

    FakeYou prioritizes user privacy and employs robust security measures to safeguard all processed data.

  • 7What platforms does FakeYou support?

    FakeYou is versatile, supporting various platforms, including web applications, mobile devices, and more.

FakeYou Use Cases

  • Podcast narration
  • E-learning content
  • Voiceovers for videos
  • Accessibility services
  • Interactive virtual assistants

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