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What is AICupid ?

AICupid is a groundbreaking AI chat platform that caters to adult audiences, offering a unique experience in AI girlfriend chat and AI love. It stands out by providing an immersive, ai girlfriend online free environment where users can create and interact with diverse AI characters without restrictions.

Features :

  • Creation of unique AI characters
  • Importing AI characters from other platforms
  • Extensive list of AI characters with unique personalities
  • NSFW chat without filters
  • Interactive AI image generation
  • AI voice messages

Pricing :

  • Free
  • Premium VIP Access (specific pricing not mentioned)

Estimated Visit Traffic :

89.69K /Month

User Distribution :

United States - 60.51% | Nicaragua - 3.59% | Russia - 2.89% | Mexico - 2.41% | Chile - 2.36%

AICupid Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Diverse range of AI characters
  • Unrestricted NSFW chat capabilities
  • Ability to import characters from other AI platforms
  • Features like AI image generation and voice messages

Cons :

  • Limited information on specific pricing for premium features
  • May not be suitable for all users due to NSFW content


  • 1How to import AI characters?

    Users can import their AI characters from platforms like Tarven AI and Chub by uploading a JSON, PNG, or Webp file.

  • 2What is the NSFW policy of AICupid?

    AICupid allows NSFW chats without filters, catering to adult themes and offering a platform for more intimate and explicit conversations.

AICupid Use Cases

  • Exploring AI interactions with diverse characters
  • Developing understanding and intimacy in AI relationships
  • Entertainment and stress relief through AI chats

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