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Rudy Giuliani targets TRUMP in new court filing

por Brian Tyler Cohen     Atualizado Jan 31, 2024

The once strong alliance between former President Donald Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani is on shaky ground, as legal disputes over unpaid legal fees take center stage.

1. Defamation Judgment and Bankruptcy Filing

Rudy Giuliani has found himself in a dire financial position after a Washington, D.C. jury ordered him to pay $148 million in damages to two Georgia election workers he defamed.

Struggling to file an appeal bond, Giuliani instead opted to declare bankruptcy mere days after being mandated to pay the judgment immediately.

In his bankruptcy filing, Giuliani makes a remarkable claim that he's expecting undetermined legal fees from Trump, painting a picture of financial reliance on his former client.

2. Unpaid Legal Fees Dispute

The crux of Giuliani's recent court filing revolves around the assertion that President Trump has yet to pay him for the legal services provided during the post-election lawsuits.

It has been reported that Trump, based on assertions from anonymous associates, refused to pay Giuliani unless he won the election challenges, all of which Giuliani lost.

Giuliani's expectations for compensation may face bitter reality as Trump's past behavior suggests reluctance in settling debts, especially with those who fail to deliver desired results.

3. Trump's Litigious Nature

The discussion brings up Trump's well-known tendency to appeal adverse legal decisions and questions whether this strategy could delay financial consequences.

Speculation arises about Trump's political strategy to potentially use campaign funds to pay legal fees, though it's uncertain how campaign finance laws would affect this.

Acknowledging the irony, commentators note Trump's campaign claims of being independently wealthy juxtaposed with his constant solicitation of donations.

4. Public Reaction to Giuliani's Predicament

Members of the public react with cynicism, noting the poetic justice of two famous figures, often seen as grifters, now entangled in their own web of financial disputes.

Some commentators feel Giuliani and Trump's actions damage the republic, while others express schadenfreude at Giuliani's financial fall.

There's a hint of dark humor in suggestions for Giuliani's new place to crash at Trump's Mar-a-Lago, illustrating the depth of his fall from grace.


Rudy Giuliani has set his sights on Donald Trump in a recent court filing that details a financial entanglement stemming from unpaid legal fees. This development follows closely after Giuliani was ordered to pay a hefty defamation judgment to two Georgia election workers. Now, facing significant debts, Giuliani is appealing to the notion of owed compensation from Trump for legal services rendered during the election challenge lawsuits.