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Create Compelling Stories with an AI Story Generator

par Similartool.AI     Mis à jour Feb 4, 2024

Are you looking to unlock your creativity and craft compelling stories effortlessly? Look no further. In this article, we will explore the top AI tools tailored for story generation. From NovelAI to StoryNest.ai, each tool offers unique features to aid your writing process. Let's delve into the capabilities of these innovative tools and discover how they can elevate your storytelling.

1. NovelAI

NovelAI is an AI storytelling and image generation tool offering a customizable writing experience. It uses the Sigurd model, designed by Anthropic for storytelling, and leverages training from EleutherAI. The platform is web-based, allowing access from anywhere and ensuring privacy and security for user-generated content.

NovelAI homepage image


  • Free Trial (Paper): Limited text and text-to-speech generations

  • Tablet ($10/month): Basic story generation features, solid quality, and decent limits

  • Scroll ($15/month): Higher quality output with fewer limits, ideal for full stories and novels

  • Opus ($25/month): Premium tier with the highest quality, least limits, and bonus features like image generation


  • Customizable writing and theme editor

  • Access from anywhere, with secure and private storage

  • AI Modules to steer the AI and emulate famous writers

  • Lorebook for world-building and maintaining story consistency

  • Memory capacity of up to 8192 tokens for extensive story recall

  • Image generation for character and scene visualization


  • Customizable interface for a smooth writing flow

  • Accessible from any device, enhancing convenience

  • Privacy-focused with secure AI-generated content

  • Affordable subscription plans starting at $10/month


  • AI is not mistake-free, showing limitations at times

  • Raw AI output often requires human editing and refinement

  • Overreliance on the tool may affect personal writing skills

  • Monthly subscription cost may be prohibitive for some users

2. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist human writers in their creative process, offering features to overcome writer's block, develop compelling storylines, and improve writing style.

Sudowrite homepage image


  • Pricing details not directly available; visit Sudowrite's official website for more information.


  • Brainstorming tools for generating ideas and story elements

  • Editing suggestions for grammar, punctuation, and style improvement

  • Tools for 'show, not tell' writing techniques

  • Guided and Auto Write features for generating text

  • Tone Shift and Expand tools for adjusting and elaborating text

  • Revision tools including Rewrite and Describe for refining prose


  • Helps generate creative and original content

  • Assists with editing and improving text

  • Inspires new ideas and suggestions

  • Saves time and effort in the writing process

  • Enhances writing skills and knowledge


  • May not always produce accurate or relevant text

  • Could fail to capture the writer's unique voice or style

  • Potential issues with intellectual property or privacy

  • Cannot replace the writer's creativity and responsibility

  • Requires stable internet connection and compatible device

3. Dabble

Dabble is an easy-to-use online writing tool designed for novelists and authors to create stories. It offers a user-friendly interface and essential tools for writing novels and short stories, simplifying the writing process without overwhelming users with complex features.

Dabble homepage image


  • Basic Plan: $10/month or $96/year ($8/month)

  • Standard Plan: $15/month or $144/year ($12/month)

  • Premium Plan: $20/month or $192/year ($16/month)

  • 14-day free trial available without credit card requirement


  • User-friendly interface for novel writing

  • Cloud backup and sync

  • Access on any device

  • Plot Grid and Story notes (Standard and Premium)

  • Focus mode and Dark mode (Standard and Premium)

  • Advanced grammar and style checks (Premium)

  • Co-authoring (Premium)


  • Simple and clean interface

  • Automatic sync and cloud backup

  • Supports novel and short story writing

  • Flexible manuscript organization


  • Limited to novels and stories, not suitable for other forms of writing like screenwriting

  • Less feature-rich compared to some other writing tools

4. Toolsaday

We are a smart tool that provides cutting-edge AI technology to help you in your work and creativity, saving valuable time and money while streamlining your daily tasks.

Toolsaday homepage image


  • Free: 10,000 characters / month, Standard and Fluency, Paraphrase Limit 700 characters, Cheetah model

  • Standard: $7.99 / month, Unlimited Characters, All Modes Available, Unlimited Custom Modes, 5,000 Characters / Request, 2x Faster Processing, Unlimited Plagiarism Checks, Max 3,000 Characters Per Check, 500,000 Characters / Month, 40+ AI tools, 2x Faster Processing, Cheetah and Liger models

  • Pro: $19.99 / month, Unlimited Characters, All Modes Available, Unlimited Custom Modes, 10,000 Characters / Request, 4x Faster Processing, Unlimited Plagiarism Checks, Max 5,000 Characters Per Check, 2,500,000 Characters / Month, 40+ AI tools, 4x Faster Processing, Access to all models

  • Ultra: $39.99 / month, Unlimited Characters, All Modes Available, Unlimited Custom Modes, 10,000 Characters / Request, 4x Faster Processing, Unlimited Plagiarism Checks, Max 10,000 Characters Per Check, 10,000,000 Characters / Month, 40+ AI tools, 4x Faster Processing, Access to all models

  • Max: $99.99 / month, Unlimited Characters, All Modes Available, Unlimited Custom Modes, 10,000 Characters / Request, 4x Faster Processing, Unlimited Plagiarism Checks, Max 10,000 Characters Per Check, 50,000,000 Characters / Month, 40+ AI tools, 4x Faster Processing, Access to all models


  • Paraphrasing Tool: Refine text with AI-powered paraphrasing, ideal for bloggers, content creators, and students.

  • Story Generator: AI-powered story generator to craft engaging tales based on input elements.

  • Text Genie: AI-powered solution for text generation including marketing copy, social media content, or personalized messages.

  • AI Email Generator: Optimize email communication with AI-generated professional, engaging emails.



      5. Sassbook

      Sassbook AI Writer is a versatile AI text generator designed for original content creation. It allows users to supply prompts in their desired style, which the AI then follows to generate unique text content. The tool is aimed at various users including bloggers, digital marketers, journalists, students, and story-tellers, offering solutions to overcome writer's block and generate content rapidly.

      Sassbook homepage image


      • Contact for specific pricing details

      • Free trial available

      • Commercial plans for greater control and large content needs without daily limits


      • Generate unique text content based on prompts

      • Aids in overcoming writer's block

      • Rapid content generation

      • Configurable settings for creativity and word generation

      • Multiple tools including AI story writer, AI text summarizer, AI Paraphraser, and AI headline generator


      • Versatile content generation for various needs

      • Customizable settings for different styles and creativity levels

      • Helps overcome writer's block

      • Useful for a wide range of users


      • Dependence on user prompts for content generation

      • May require manual tweaking for desired content quality

      • Possible limitations in free version

      6. ShortlyAI

      ShortlyAI is an AI-based writing tool designed for content creation, helping users overcome writer's block. It uses OpenAI's GPT-3 technology for natural language processing and machine learning to generate text.

      ShortlyAI homepage image


      • Free Plan with daily usage limits

      • Monthly Plan: $79/month

      • Annual Plan: $65/month


      • Article brief for context

      • Slider to change output length

      • Text commands

      • Original output for plagiarism checkers

      • Summarization

      • Multiple writing styles

      • Content expansion

      • Language support


      • Speed of writing

      • No word limit with a daily usage cap

      • Unique, well-formed content

      • Good grammar and punctuation


      • Issues with content accuracy

      • Occasional bugs affecting quality

      • Limited flexibility and customization

      • Memory limit of about 1200 words

      7. LivingWriter

      LivingWriter is a cloud-based novel-writing software, designed primarily for authors working on books, especially fiction. It combines elements of Google Docs and Scrivener, providing a blend of word processing and novel-structuring features.

      LivingWriter homepage image


      • $8 per month


      • Custom templates for various writing styles

      • Outline and chapter organization

      • Story elements feature for character, location, and event details

      • Story Board for visual plot organization

      • Online and offline support

      • Version control similar to Google Docs

      • Integrated AI features for manuscript analysis and rewriting

      • Cloud-based with sync across iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows

      • Seamless export and import of manuscripts


      • Clean and easy-to-navigate layout

      • Variety of useful writing and organizing features

      • Cloud-based with cross-platform support

      • Useful for large-scale fiction writing projects


      • Reports of bugs and issues with version control

      • Limited utility for non-fiction or shorter works

      • Some limitations in character and world-building tools

      8. DeepStory AI

      DeepStory AI is a unique script writer and story generator tool that is not based on GPT models. It is designed for creating engaging movie scripts, RPG scripts, short form content, and various stories, utilizing proprietary technology distinct from GPT-powered models.

      DeepStory AI homepage image


      • Paid - Specific pricing details not available


      • AI-powered script writing and story generation

      • Generates human-like writing based on user input

      • Suitable for a variety of content including movie scripts, RPG scripts, and short form content

      • Unique technology not based on GPT models


      • Innovative non-GPT based technology

      • Versatile for various writing forms

      • Enhances creativity and efficiency

      • User-friendly for a range of creative writing needs


      • Lack of detailed information on pricing and premium features

      • No explicit mention of a free trial version

      9. StoryNest AI

      StoryNest AI is a cutting-edge tool designed to craft captivating narratives effortlessly. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to weave imaginative tales in seconds. Fuel your creativity and storytelling prowess with StoryNest AI.

      StoryNest AI homepage image


      • Flexible subscription plans

      • Affordable pay-as-you-go options


      • AI-powered story generation

      • Customizable story parameters

      • User-friendly interface

      • Rich storytelling options


      • Rapid story creation

      • Diverse storytelling options

      • Time-saving for content creators


      • Dependency on internet connection for processing

      • Limited to text-based outputs

      10. Plotdot AI

      Plotdot AI, an AI Story Generator, revolutionizes the art of storytelling by leveraging advanced AI technologies to craft captivating narratives. This tool is designed to inspire writers, marketers, and creatives by generating unique story plots, character arcs, and themes at the click of a button. With Plotdot AI, users can transcend traditional storytelling boundaries, making it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to add a creative edge to their narratives.

      Plotdot AI homepage image


      • Pricing details are currently unavailable. Please visit the official website for the most up-to-date information.


      • Advanced AI-driven story generation

      • Customizable character arcs and settings

      • Diverse genre capabilities for broad storytelling possibilities

      • Intuitive interface for easy story crafting

      • Collaborative features for team projects


      • Generates unique and engaging story plots

      • Customization options for tailored storytelling

      • Saves time in the creative process

      • Enhances creativity and inspiration

      • Facilitates collaborative storytelling efforts


      • May require fine-tuning to align with specific creative visions

      • Dependent on user inputs for direction

      • Limited by the current state of AI and machine learning technologies

      11. Morpheeus

      Morpheeus stands as a beacon of innovation in the AI Story Generator arena, masterfully blending technology with the art of storytelling. This platform transforms bedtime by personalizing stories in your voice, making every narrative uniquely yours. Morpheeus is not just about generating stories; it's about creating unforgettable experiences that knit families closer through the magic of tales.

      Morpheeus homepage image


      • Pricing details were not explicitly found on the website. It is recommended to check the official Morpheeus website or contact their support for the most current pricing information.


      • AI-generated adventures at your fingertips

      • Voice cloning to personalize stories

      • Generation of captivating artwork for every tale

      • Promotion of kindness and empathy through stories

      • Integrated moral lessons and life skills development

      • A blend of education and entertainment for children


      • Innovative use of AI for story generation

      • Personalization through voice cloning

      • Supports a variety of platforms

      • Fosters creativity and learning in children


      • Pricing and subscription details are not immediately clear

      • May require internet connection for full functionality

      12. ReadingClub

      At the heart of ReadingClub, an innovative AI Story Generator thrives, dedicated to transforming bedtime stories into dynamic, interactive adventures. By weaving AI's capabilities with the rich fabric of children’s imaginations, ReadingClub unlocks a new realm where stories evolve, engaging young minds in a uniquely personal journey of discovery and wonder.

      ReadingClub homepage image


      • Unfortunately, specific pricing details are not available on their official website. It's recommended to contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


      • Interactive AI-powered storytelling

      • Customizable adventures tailored to children's interests

      • Engagement tools designed to spark imagination and creativity


      • Innovative use of AI for storytelling

      • Customizable story experiences

      • Encourages creativity and imagination in children


      • Lack of transparent pricing information

      • Limited details available about the platform's full capabilities without direct contact

      13. Story

      Story.com stands as a beacon for digital storytellers, authors, writers, and TikTok influencers, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to elevate storytelling. This AI Story Generator allows creators to produce more, faster, with the ability to generate mini-stories and AI-generated videos up to 60 seconds long. It offers unprecedented creative control and story-centric modeling for a seamless flow from introduction to climax to resolution.

      Story homepage image


      • Unable to find specific pricing details on the website.


      • Produce mini-stories and AI-generated videos up to 60 seconds long in real-time.

      • Robust editing toolkit for real-time creativity: rewrite plotlines, reshape characters, and restyle scenes.

      • Storyboard progression modeling for coherent story arcs.

      • Suitable for animators, influencers, video professionals, and storytellers.


      • Allows for rapid production of mini-stories and videos.

      • Increases creative bandwidth with minimal effort.

      • Enables high level of creative control and customization.

      • Supports a wide range of creators, from animators to influencers.


      • Specific pricing information is not readily available.

      • Lack of a visible FAQ section for immediate user queries.


      In conclusion, the AI story generator tools evaluated in this analysis each offer unique features catering to different writing styles and preferences. NovelAI, Sudowrite, Dabble, Toolsaday, Sassbook, ShortlyAI, LivingWriter, DeepStory AI, and StoryNest.ai provide writers with a range of options for generating compelling stories. From customizable writing experiences to script and RPG writing, these tools leverage AI technology to streamline creativity and storytelling. Writers can benefit from exploring these tools based on their specific writing needs, whether it's overcoming writer's block, creating original content, or structuring novels. Ultimately, the choice of an AI story generator tool depends on the writer's preferences and the type of content they aim to produce.