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The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday January 30th, 2024

por The Pat McAfee Show     Actualizado Jan 31, 2024

The Pat McAfee Show on January 30th, 2024, offered another compelling day of sports discussions, humor, and iconic moments, highlighted by the appearance of NFL legend Tom Brady and a mix of football and NBA content.

1. Tom Brady's Business Endeavors and Retirement Reflection

Tom Brady's interview highlighted his successful transition from an NFL career to various business endeavors, including his brands TB12 and Brady merging with Noble.

Brady discussed his motivations and goals in business, emphasizing the importance of impacting people's lives positively and his ongoing passion for football.

He also shared details about his new role as a color commentator for Fox, revealing his preparation methods and expectations for success in broadcasting.

2. NBA Discussions with Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins contributed to the NBA conversation, pointing out the lack of defensive effort in current games and calling for increased toughness in the league.

Perkins expressed his views on Ben Simmons' performance with the Brooklyn Nets, suggesting that expectations for Simmons might need adjustment.

There was also a playful discussion about Perkins' high school football prowess and whether he could have been an NFL player.

3. Fan Reaction to NFL Weekend Games

Fans expressed disappointment and frustration with some NFL teams and coaches' decisions, highlighting the intense investment and emotions associated with the sport.

Specifically, Ravens fans called for changes, including potential coach replacements, while Lions supporters debated the aggressive play-calling strategy.

The NFL's unpredictability and fans' passionate responses illustrate the deeply personal connection and high stakes that come with following the sport.

4. Environmental Concerns and Entertainment Industry

Discussions surfaced regarding environmental concerns, with contrasting opinions on public figures' carbon footprints and the impact of their activities.

Tom Brady and Taylor Swift were mentioned in the context of their global influence and the scrutiny they face from both enthusiasts and critics alike.

The commentary reflected the broader debate about sustainability and responsibility in the entertainment industry amidst an increasingly eco-conscious public discourse.


The episode featured conversations about NFL dynamics, Tom Brady's future plans, and the NBA's current state, among other topics. The show's infectious energy and impactful dialogues on sports and life experiences continued to inspire and entertain the audience.