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Samsung S24 Ultra Review: The Dawn of the AI Era

por Vincent Zhong     Actualizado Jan 31, 2024

The Samsung S24 Ultra is making waves in the smartphone industry, paving the way for the ubiquity of AI-enhanced features. Looking beyond mere specs, we delve into the real-world applications and implications of the S24 Ultra's AI capabilities.

1. Sophisticated Design Choices

The Samsung S24 Ultra presents a refreshing palette with four color variants - Titanium Black, Titanium Gray, Titanium Yellow, and Titanium Violet. The Titanium Gray and Violet are top contenders for their refined aesthetics, with Gray suiting a professional environment and Violet exuding style.

A major design tweak in the S24 Ultra is the abandoning of the curved screen, opting for a sandblasted-like titanium metal frame that contributes to a sturdy, fingerprint-resistant grip enhancing the overall handling of the phone.

The dark frame of the black model adds a classic touch, while the contrast of the violet's dark back cover against the light-colored frame and camera captures the eye, cementing it as my personal favorite.

2. Display Innovations

Samsung has stepped up the S24 Ultra's screen with remarkable anti-reflective Corning Gorilla Armor, which dramatically reduces glare, deepens blacks, and achieves a purer white, offering an immersive viewing experience akin to looking at paper.

Adding an always-on display feature with minimal additional battery consumption provides utility, while the new color temperature sensor enables true-color display adaptation in varying lighting conditions.

The S24 Ultra's display also showcases its flat screen design, preventing mis-touches and reflecting the latest trend away from curved displays, offering a user experience that focuses on content clarity and better horizontal grip.

3. Camera Quality and AI

Redesigned telephoto capabilities now favor a 5x optical zoom lens with a larger aperture, impeccably balancing the trade-off between zoom range and image quality; optimal for most user experiences and anticipating better low-light performance.

The advancement in AI leads to smarter photography, where Samsung harnesses deep learning to recommend context-specific camera settings and post-production tweaks, taking user convenience to new heights.

The 5x to 10x zoom performance, especially in low-light conditions, meets or exceeds prior model capabilities, challenging the notion that higher zoom inherently results in superior images, and instead emphasizes practicality and quality in commonly used ranges.

4. AI Integration: A New Frontier

A suite of AI-powered functions, such as Live Translate Call and Simultaneous Translation, promise to revolutionize communication, breaking down language barriers with on-the-fly translations that keep human interactions seamless.

AI transcription and summary capabilities illustrate Samsung's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tech to enhance productivity, effortlessly transforming spoken words into accurate text and concise summaries.

Unique to the S24 Ultra, AI-assisted photo processing suggests improvements based on image content, and the 'circle to search' feature co-developed with league Chinese tech firms elevates object recognition and contextual search results, showcasing Samsung's synergy with AI talent.

5. Reflecting on User Feedback

Comments underline the mixed feelings about Samsung's leap into AI, where users acknowledge the preexistence of AI features like voice recognition and translation but underpin Samsung's role in synthesizing them into a cohesive package.

While some users are still making their peace with abandoning curved screens, they eagerly anticipate future software updates and hardware synergies, curious to discover if Samsung will further harness AI to revolutionize smartphone photography and search functionalities.

There's a sense of humor over the 'purest Baidu search' found on a Samsung device, as users jest about the unexpected alliances in tech that bring about the best user experiences, and they look forward to comparisons with other smartphone giants like the iPhone's latest models.


The Samsung S24 Ultra is not just a step up from its predecessor in terms of hardware but also marks a significant leap in integrating AI into everyday smartphone use. With its vibrant display, improved camera system, and sophisticated AI features, the S24 Ultra isn't merely keeping up with trends; it's setting the standard for the future of mobile tech.