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Best AI Detection Remover: Find the Best Tools to Eliminate AI Detection

por Similartool.AI     Actualizado Dec 29, 2023

Are you in need of tools that can help you eliminate AI detection and ensure your content remains undetectable? Look no further! In this analysis article, we will introduce you to the best AI detection remover tools available in the market. These tools are designed to produce unique, high-quality, human-like text while evading AI detection systems. Let's dive into the details of each tool: Stealthwriter, Plagiarism Remover, StealthGPT, Text To Handwriting, WordAi, writehuman.ai, hix.ai, and HideMyAI. Each tool offers unique features and functionalities to help you create undetectable content and maintain your online privacy.

1. StealthWriter

StealthWriter is an advanced AI-powered content rewriting tool designed to produce unique, high-quality, human-like text. It focuses on making AI-generated content undetectable by AI detection systems, thereby avoiding potential flagging or content removal.

StealthWriter homepage image


  • Free plan with limitations (300 words maximum daily on the free plan)

  • Basic: $20/month or $200/year for 400 words per process and 20,000 words with the Ghost Model

  • Popular: $35/month or $350/year for 1,000 words per process and 50,000 words with the Ghost Model

  • Premium: $50/month or $500/year for 2,000 words per process and 100,000 words with the Ghost Model


  • Rewrites AI-generated content to make it undetectable by AI detectors

  • Plagiarism-free guarantee for rewritten content

  • SEO-friendly optimization retaining crucial keywords

  • Multiple versions of humanized text for variety

  • Interactive sentence alternatives for customization

  • Built-in AI detector to verify undetectability

  • Simple user interface for easy content creation


  • Efficient at rewriting AI content into human-like text

  • Offers plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly content

  • Provides multiple versions and customization options

  • Features a built-in AI detector for content verification


  • Limited word count on the free plan

  • Some users report that the rewritten content may still be detectable as AI-generated

  • The effectiveness of AI detection bypass may vary

2. Plagiarism Remover

Plagiarism Remover is an AI-based online tool designed to help users eliminate plagiarism from various types of content such as articles, essays, and research papers. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning technology to rewrite content, ensuring it is unique while maintaining the original context.

Plagiarism Remover homepage image


  • Free


  • Upload files directly from your device

  • Advanced Plagiarism Removal Modes including Plagiarism Remover, Word Changer, Formal, and Shorten

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Generates plagiarism-free content using AI technology

  • Displays word count

  • Human-level Plagiarism Removal


  • User-friendly interface

  • Multiple modes for different needs

  • Supports over 15 languages

  • Effective plagiarism removal using AI

  • No need for registration in the free version


  • Limited features compared to some paid alternatives

  • Dependence on AI may not always capture nuanced content effectively

3. StealthGPT

StealthGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to create undetectable AI content. It employs advanced natural language processing to generate human-like text that can evade AI content detectors. The tool offers features such as style and tone adaptation, pattern variation, and content randomization to produce unique, high-quality content.

StealthGPT homepage image


  • StealthGPT offers several pricing plans. License Tier 1: $49 for 125,000 words per month, License Tier 2: $89 for 500,000 words per month, and License Tier 3: $149 for 1,500,000 words per month.


  • Training on extensive datasets

  • natural language understanding

  • style and tone adaptation

  • idiomatic and natural language use

  • evasion of detection

  • customization and user input

  • integration with data and research.


  • Effective at creating undetectable AI content

  • offers customization to user requirements

  • incorporates feedback for improvement.


  • Not 100% reliable in evading AI detectors

  • content may require further editing for clarity and readability.

4. Text To Handwriting Converter

Text to Handwriting Converter is an AI-based tool that transforms computer text into human-like handwritten text. It's a free online service designed to create assignments or documents with a more personal touch.

Text To Handwriting Converter homepage image


  • Free


  • Converts typed text into a human handwriting format

  • Offers multiple handwriting styles to choose from

  • Adjustable heading and handwriting sizes

  • Supports different pen ink colors (blue, red, black)

  • Allows downloading of the converted text as an image file


  • Free and easy to use

  • Real-time conversion of text to handwriting

  • Customizable handwriting and ink color options

  • Suitable for various personal and educational uses


  • Limited to the styles and colors available in the tool

  • May not perfectly replicate specific individual handwriting styles

5. WordAi

WordAi is an advanced AI-powered content rewriting tool designed to enhance content strategy by increasing content output while maintaining high-quality, human-like content. It offers complete sentence restructuring, text enrichment, and the ability to describe ideas differently, improving quality and clarity.

WordAi homepage image


  • Starter Plan: $9/month (billed annually) with 50,000 rewrite words per month and 25,000 words passing AI detection.

  • Power Plan: $27/month (billed annually) with 3,000,000 rewrite words per month and 250,000 words passing AI detection.

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing based on individual requirements.

  • Free 3-day trial available.

  • 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.


  • Complete sentence restructuring

  • Text enrichment

  • Different description of ideas

  • Improved quality and clarity

  • Sentence splitting

  • Control over creativity level

  • No duplicate content

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Up to 1,000 rewrites per original article

  • Avoid AI content detection

  • Bulk rewrite, API integration, HTML compatibility, bulk download, and code view

  • Integration with Article Forge


  • Produces good results

  • Rewrites are fast

  • Useful for a variety of content creation needs


  • Requires adjustment of settings for optimal results

  • Considered quite expensive

6. WriteHuman

WriteHuman is an AI tool designed to transform AI-generated text into undetectable human-like writing, helping users bypass AI detection and maintain online privacy. It works with various AI content generators, including ChatGPT and Bard, and integrates with platforms like Turnitin and ZeroGPT.

WriteHuman homepage image


  • Free Trial

  • Freemium model with a starting price of $5.99 per month

  • Structured plans ranging up to $37 per month


  • Bypass AI Detection: Transforms AI-generated text to bypass plagiarism detectors and AI tracking.

  • Privacy Protection: Safeguards user's online privacy and anonymity.

  • Advanced Rewriter Engine: Proprietary engine that refines AI content, adding a natural, human-like touch.

  • Compatibility: Works with AI content generators like ChatGPT and Bard.

  • Flexible Plans: Offers Basic, Pro, and Ultra plans with varying word limits and features.


  • Effective in bypassing AI detection and plagiarism tools.

  • Enhances AI-generated content to make it undetectable as such.

  • Protects user anonymity and online privacy.


  • The effectiveness in different contexts and against various AI detection tools might vary.

  • Potential ethical concerns regarding the bypassing of plagiarism detection.


HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing assistant, powered by ChatGPT 3.5/4, offering over 120 AI writing tools. It assists in creating high-quality content across various platforms like Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, and social media.

HIX.AI homepage image


  • Free Plan: $0/month, including 3,000 words (GPT-3.5)

  • Basic Plan: $29.99/month

  • Starting Price: $19.99/month

  • Ultimate Plan: $130/month


  • AI Writer for blog posts, articles, and product descriptions

  • HIX Editor for simplifying drafting, rewriting, and editing

  • HIX Chat for real-time assistance and content generation

  • AI Summarizer and Paraphraser

  • Grammar Checker

  • SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free content generation

  • Support for over 50 languages


  • Versatile and integrates with various platforms

  • Supports a wide range of content types

  • SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free content

  • User-friendly interface


  • May have limitations in creative content generation

  • Depends on the quality of user input for output quality

8. HideMy.AI

HideMy.AI is an AI tool that transforms AI-generated content into humanlike copy, making it undetectable by AI detectors and humans. It processes content by removing markers and watermarks, restructuring it for indexing and ranking by search engines without SEO penalties. The tool functions by pasting in content or uploading a document, which is then processed by a custom-trained AI.

HideMy.AI homepage image


  • Free Starter Plan: Includes signup credits, a dedicated dashboard, access to previous documents, and community support.

  • Pro Plan: $5/month (billed annually), processing up to 10,000 words per month, with additional 'pay as you go' credits, bulk document uploads, multilingual support, and email support.

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for organizations, offering everything in the Pro Plan, unlimited word processing, multiple seats and team features, API access, and priority support.


  • Transforms AI-generated content to humanlike copy, undetectable by AI detectors and humans.

  • Removes AI watermarks and restructures content to avoid SEO penalties.

  • Processes text from various sources like ChatGPT and Jasper.

  • Free demo available, with limited usage for visitors.

  • Offers a patent-pending workflow to humanize AI content.

  • Automatically checks against AI detectors and reprocesses content if needed.


  • Effective at making AI content undetectable.

  • Free and paid plans cater to different user needs.

  • Supports multilingual content processing.

  • Offers bulk document uploads and a dedicated dashboard.

  • Continually updated custom AI models for improved output.


  • Limited usage in the free demo.

  • Paid plans required for advanced features like multilingual support.

  • Dependent on the effectiveness of its own AI detectors for quality assurance.


After thorough research and analysis of the best AI detection remover tools available, we recommend considering the following options. Stealthwriter, Plagiarism Remover, and StealthGPT are effective tools specifically designed to generate undetectable AI content. Text To Handwriting and WordAi are great tools to transform computer text into human-like handwriting and enhance content strategy, respectively. Writehuman.ai, hix.ai, and HideMyAI offer a wide range of AI writing tools to help users create high-quality, undetectable content across various platforms. Choose the tool that best suits your needs and start eliminating AI detection from your content effortlessly.