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Best Tools for AI Homework: Boost Your Productivity and Mastery

por Similartool.AI     Actualizado Jan 12, 2024

Mastering AI with Engaging Homework Assignments: A Student's Ultimate Guide In today's educational landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools has revolutionized the way students approach their homework assignments. These tools serve as invaluable aids for students, offering instant solutions, step-by-step problem-solving, and personalized assistance, ultimately enhancing the learning experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will showcase a curated list of the best AI tools designed to assist students with their homework, including Homeworkify, AssignmentGPT AI, studymonkey AI, oddity AI, thehomework AI, caktus AI, Otter AI, Grammarly, Quizgecko, Gradescope, penseum ai, TutorEva, and Tutorly AI. Each tool is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of students, offering innovative solutions and reliable support for a wide range of academic tasks. Let's delve into the detailed features and benefits of each AI tool, shedding light on their unique capabilities as indispensable companions for mastering AI with engaging homework assignments.

1. Homeworkify

Homeworkify is an AI-powered educational tool designed to assist students with their homework. It offers instant homework solutions and step-by-step problem solving, helping students understand and approach their assignments effectively. Known for its user-friendly interface, Homeworkify is available as a mobile application and supports various subjects including Maths, Science, History, and Geography.

Homeworkify homepage image


  • Basic – Free: Access to AI math solver, scanner, and limited features

  • Plus – $9.99 per month: Includes Basic features, access to learning dashboard, practice problems, quizzes, etc.

  • Premium – $19.99 per month: Includes Plus features, access to live online learning classes


  • Smart Problem Solver: Provides step-by-step solutions and explanations for math and science problems.

  • Writing Assistant: Offers suggestions for improving grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary in essays and papers.

  • Research Companion: Streamlines the research process and helps organize findings and generate bibliographies.

  • Study Planner: Allows creation of personalized study plans and tracks progress.


  • Free education for all with core features available at no cost

  • Direct link search for quick homework solutions

  • Expansive subject coverage including math, science, humanities, and languages


  • Paid plans required for full functionality and advanced features

  • Effectiveness may vary across different subjects and question types

2. AssignmentGPT AI

AssignmentGPT AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to cater to the needs of students, bloggers, and educators. It simplifies academic writing by aiding in the creation of high-quality essays, research papers, and more. This tool is especially beneficial for students as an 'ai homework helper', 'ai homework solver', and a tool for 'ai for homework', helping them to produce original content quickly and efficiently.

AssignmentGPT AI homepage image


  • Free Plan: Includes up to 3 diagram generations, 2,500 words per month, up to 3 image answers, AI content detector, Code writer.

  • Master Plan: $9.99/month for 500,000 words/month, up to 20 diagram generations, up to 20 image answers, AI content detector, Code writer, Bypass AI detection (Standard).

  • Principal Plan: $14.99/month for unlimited words, unlimited diagram generations, unlimited image answers, AI content detector, Code writer, Bypass AI detection (Standard & Advanced), up to 3 team invites, access to all premium tools.

  • Institute Plan: Custom solutions, bulk access, comprehensive features, dedicated support, scalable infrastructure, collaborative tools, integration ready. Contact for customization.


  • Homework Solver for various subjects

  • Writing Assistant with grammar checks and style suggestions

  • Blog Content creation across 20+ categories

  • Essay Writing on a variety of topics

  • Text Summarizer for concise content creation

  • Job Post writing assistance

  • Text Expander to create custom shortcuts

  • Text Rewriter for repurposing content

  • Social Media & Ad content creation for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter


  • Competitive subscription rates

  • User-friendly interface and experience

  • Facilitates quick, high-quality assignment writing

  • Provides original content in seconds

  • Allows team formation within the platform


  • Restricted word limit based on subscription plan

  • Potential technical issues or bugs due to newness

  • Not free, with costs starting at $14.99/month after trial

3. studymonkey.ai

AI homework helper, AI homework solver, AI for homework.

studymonkey.ai homepage image


  • Pricing details available on the official website.


  • Instant homework assistance

  • Support for multiple subjects

  • Privacy and security measures

  • User-friendly interface


  • Efficient homework support

  • Versatile language support

  • Real-time assistance


  • Pricing details may vary

  • Limited trial options

4. oddityai.com

OddityAI.com is an advanced AI homework helper, offering cutting-edge solutions for academic tasks. Whether you need assistance with complex assignments or quick problem-solving, OddityAI.com is your go-to AI for homework.

oddityai.com homepage image


  • Flexible subscription plans available, tailored to your needs

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees


  • Smart problem-solving capabilities

  • Detailed step-by-step explanations

  • Adaptive learning algorithms


  • Efficient and time-saving

  • 24/7 accessibility

  • Adaptable to diverse subjects


  • May require internet connectivity

  • Complex problems may need additional human review

5. thehomeworkai.com

Unfortunately, the specifics of the introduction for thehomeworkai.com could not be obtained as the website requires JavaScript to display its content.

thehomeworkai.com homepage image


  • Unable to retrieve pricing information due to JavaScript requirement on website


  • Specific features of thehomeworkai.com are not accessible without JavaScript


  • Unable to determine pros without access to website content


  • Website content inaccessible without JavaScript, hindering information retrieval

6. caktus.ai

caktus.ai is an innovative AI homework helper, designed to assist students in solving complex assignments. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, caktus.ai offers unparalleled support as an AI homework solver, making it a reliable resource for students seeking assistance with their academic tasks. With a focus on using AI for homework, caktus.ai aims to streamline the learning process and enhance educational outcomes.

caktus.ai homepage image


  • Pricing details available upon request


  • Advanced AI algorithms

  • Comprehensive subject coverage

  • Step-by-step explanations

  • User-friendly interface


  • Efficient homework assistance

  • Versatility across subjects

  • User-friendly interface


  • No free trial available

  • Pricing details only upon request

7. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is a versatile AI tool that serves as an ai homework helper, ai homework solver, and a reliable ai for homework. It specializes in transforming voice conversations into searchable, shareable smart notes, making it ideal for meetings, interviews, and educational purposes.

Otter.ai homepage image


  • Basic Plan: Free, 300 minutes/month, 30 minutes/conversation limit, import up to 3 files

  • Pro Plan: $16.99/month, 1,200 minutes/month, 90 minutes/conversation limit, import up to 10 files

  • Business Plan: $40/month, 6,000 minutes/month, 4 hours/conversation limit, unlimited file import

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, additional security and control features


  • Real-time transcription, powerful AI tools, and automation

  • OtterPilot for automatic meeting joining and transcription

  • AI Chat for real-time collaboration during transcriptions

  • Integration with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams

  • Advanced search by keyword, speaker, date

  • Edit text, speakers, and time codes

  • Export audio, text, and captions

  • Useful admin controls for team management


  • Good support for calendar integrations

  • High-quality transcription

  • Easy to use across devices

  • Helps users stay present-minded in meetings


  • Downgrading plans may affect sub-accounts

  • Doesn't remove filler words like 'umm'

  • No live chat support, only documentation

  • Higher per-user pricing for Business and Enterprise plans

8. Grammarly

Grammarly, leveraging the power of generative AI, offers advanced communication assistance tailored to the user's context and writing style. It's an ideal 'ai homework helper', 'ai homework solver', and 'ai for homework', helping users ideate, compose, and rewrite content effectively.

Grammarly homepage image


  • Free: Essentials for AI writing assistance, 100 prompts/month

  • Premium: Advanced AI assistance, 1000 prompts/month

  • Business Teams: Ideal for small businesses, 2000 prompts/user/month

  • Business Enterprise: Unlimited prompts/user/month


  • AI-powered writing assistance

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation checking

  • Plagiarism checker

  • Citation generator

  • Paraphrasing tool

  • Rewriting suggestions

  • Customizable profile options for tone, formality, and relevance

  • Email summarization and quick response features


  • Real-time grammar, spelling, punctuation analysis

  • Clarity suggestions and style improvement tips

  • Tone identification and huge integration range

  • Multi-platform compatibility and plagiarism checking

  • Resourceful blog, iOS and Android support

  • Fast, accurate corrections and detailed explanations

  • Supports multiple languages and promotes concise writing


  • No offline capabilities

  • Limited free version functionality

  • May not fully understand context

  • Over-suggestions can be annoying

  • Premium pricing is high

  • Doesn't support all text editors

  • Cannot check longer documents

9. Quizgecko

Quizgecko is an AI-powered tool that transforms text into a variety of quiz and test questions, making it an ideal solution for educators, students, and businesses. It leverages AI to create multiple question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and short answer, from various text sources like documents, webpages, or YouTube videos. The tool is designed to streamline the quiz-making process, reduce time and effort, and improve the quality of educational assessments.

Quizgecko homepage image


  • Free plan available with basic features

  • Paid plans starting from $6 per month, offering advanced features and capabilities


  • AI-powered question generation from text

  • Support for multiple question types including multiple choice and true/false

  • Ability to generate quizzes from documents, webpages, and YouTube videos

  • Compatibility with various learning management systems

  • Auto-grading and smart reports for performance tracking

  • Scalable plans to accommodate different user needs

  • Support for multiple languages


  • Time-saving and efficient quiz generation

  • Flexibility in input sources (text, documents, webpages, videos)

  • Supports multiple question types

  • Integration with learning management systems

  • Auto-grading and smart reports for easy assessment


  • AI-generated questions may lack nuance compared to human-created questions

  • Free version is somewhat limited in features

  • Analytics may be overwhelming for casual users

10. Gradescope

Gradescope.com is an AI-powered educational platform that serves as an advanced tool for educators and students alike. It goes beyond traditional grading systems, offering features like an AI homework helper, AI homework solver, and AI for homework assistance.

Gradescope homepage image


  • Gradescope offers various pricing plans tailored to the needs of educators and institutions. For specific details, please visit the official website.


  • AI-powered grading

  • Homework assistance

  • Detailed analytics

  • Efficient feedback mechanisms


  • Time-saving automated grading

  • Personalized homework assistance

  • Insightful analytics for educators


  • Dependence on technology may pose challenges for some educators

  • Requires adaptation to a new grading system

11. penseum ai

Penseum ai is an AI homework helper designed to assist students in solving their academic tasks efficiently. With advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, it specializes in providing AI homework help and solving complex assignments.

penseum ai homepage image


  • Flexible subscription plans tailored to individual needs

  • Competitive pricing options for various user requirements


  • AI-driven problem-solving

  • Step-by-step explanations

  • Adaptive learning technology

  • User-friendly interface


  • Efficient and accurate solutions

  • 24/7 availability

  • Adaptable to various subjects


  • Dependence on internet connectivity

  • May not cover extremely specialized topics

12. TutorEva

AI Homework tool TutorEva aims to revolutionize the way students approach their assignments, providing innovative solutions and assistance.

TutorEva homepage image


  • For detailed pricing information, please visit https://www.tutoreva.com/pricing

  • Contact the TutorEva team for customized plans to meet your specific needs.


  • Smart Homework Assistance

  • Subject-Agnostic Support

  • Instant Explanation of Concepts

  • Adaptive Learning Paths


  • Personalized Learning Experience

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Adaptable to Different Learning Styles


  • Dependency on Technology

  • May Lack Human Interaction

13. Tutorly AI

AI Homework is made easier with Tutorly AI, an innovative tool designed to assist students in their academic journey. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Tutorly AI aims to enhance the learning experience and provide personalized support.

Tutorly AI homepage image


  • Visit the official website for detailed pricing information


  • Adaptive Learning

  • Real-time Feedback

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Progress Tracking


  • Personalized Learning Experience

  • Versatility Across Subjects

  • Convenient Multi-device Access


  • Pricing Details Need to be Explored

14. StudyX

StudyX, a groundbreaking AI Homework assistant, is revolutionizing how college students tackle their homework across subjects like math, science, and literature. By merging AI-powered solutions with community insights, StudyX offers a unique, collaborative platform where students can access a wide range of tools and resources, including expert guidance, to enhance their learning experience and academic performance.

StudyX homepage image


  • StudyX operates on a paid model, details and specific pricing plans were not explicitly listed in the available information.


  • AI and human-powered homework solutions on one platform

  • Expert assistance available 24/7

  • Integration with ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Bard for interactive learning

  • Supports text and image input for questions

  • Access to a 'Homework Help-Library' for reviewing and learning from past questions

  • Tools like Essay Extender, Math Solver, and Grammar Checker


  • Comprehensive homework assistance with AI and expert help

  • Supports both text and image inputs for diverse learning needs

  • Encourages critical thinking and deeper understanding of materials

  • Offers tools for a wide range of academic tasks


  • Paid model may limit access for some students

  • Specific pricing details are not readily available

  • Some features require knowledge of coding for optimal use


Dive into the world of AI-assisted learning with AIR MATH, the innovative tool designed to tackle AI Homework challenges head-on. AIR MATH utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to scan and solve math problems from photos, making homework less of a headache and more of a breeze. Whether it's algebra, geometry, or calculus, AIR MATH provides step-by-step solutions to empower students at every level. Accessible anytime and anywhere, it transforms math homework from a source of stress to a source of success.

AIR MATH homepage image


  • AIR MATH offers various subscription options, including a special AIR MATH Pass for unlimited search tickets and a set of question tickets, with plans ranging from 1 month to 1 year. For more details on pricing, visit their official website.


  • Photo scanning of math problems for instant solutions

  • Step-by-step solutions to enhance understanding

  • 24/7 access to expert tutors for personalized help

  • Comprehensive coverage of math topics from basic arithmetic to calculus

  • Integration with Chrome via an extension for easy access


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation

  • Instant solutions to a wide range of math problems

  • Access to expert tutors for personalized guidance

  • Supports learning and understanding, not just answering


  • Requires internet connection for full functionality

  • Handwritten question feature could be improved

  • One image upload at a time may limit efficiency

16. Inkey

Inkey emerges as a beacon of AI Homework assistance, offering an expansive suite of over 30 AI tools tailored for students. This digital tutor excels in crafting essays, solving intricate math word problems, and enhancing academic integrity with plagiarism checks. Its user-friendly platform democratizes learning, ensuring every student can navigate their educational journey with ease and efficiency.

Inkey homepage image


  • Basic: Free, 1000 words/month

  • Starter: $4.99/month, 10000 words/month

  • Premium: $9.95/month, 25000 words/month, $59.95 with annual plan

  • Ultimate: $19.95/month, 100000 words/month, $119.95 with annual plan

  • Unlimited: $29.95/month, Unlimited words/month, $179.95 with annual plan


  • AI Essay Writer

  • Math Word Problem Solver

  • Paraphrasing Tool

  • Plagiarism Checker

  • Grammar & Spelling Checker

  • AI Detector for authenticity

  • Classroom Tools

  • Job Application Tools like Resumes and Cover Letters


  • Comprehensive suite of over 30 AI tools for academic and professional needs

  • User-friendly platform suitable for students of all levels

  • Flexible pricing plans, including a free option


  • Free plan is limited to 1000 words per month

  • May require internet connectivity for full functionality


In the realm of AI homework tools, various options, such as Homeworkify, AssignmentGPT AI, study monkey AI, oddity AI, caktus AI, Otter AI, Grammarly, Quizgecko, Gradescope, penseum ai, TutorEva, and Tutorly AI, offer diverse capabilities in supporting students with their assignments. From instant homework solutions to advanced algorithms for complex assignments, these tools cater to different academic needs. Whether it's essay writing assistance, quiz creation, or problem-solving support, these AI tools aim to streamline the learning process and enhance educational outcomes. As students embrace the digital age, incorporating these AI homework tools into their study routine can pave the way for a more efficient and effective approach to academic tasks.