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10 AI TOOLS - You Must Know in 2024!!!

By Hayls World     Updated Jan 31, 2024

As we delve into the evolving landscape of AI technology in 2024, it's crucial to keep abreast of the most innovative tools transforming our digital experiences. From AI that breathes life into your sketches to AI transforming your speech into different languages, these top 10 AI tools are reshaping creativity, communication, and even how we perceive art.

1. Leonardo AI - The Artistic Genius

With Leonardo AI, even the most hesitant doodlers can create art. This platform allows you to sketch rudimentarily while the AI suggests refinements in an array of styles.

One of the standout features of Leonardo AI is its real-time canvas, which brings your typed descriptions to life instantly. Whether you crave cinematic flair or prefer something more fantastical, Leonardo has a style for you.

Pushing the envelope further, Leonardo AI doesn't just generate static images. It can also animate them to create moving pictures that are astonishingly realistic, elevating your digital art to dynamic new levels.

2. Runway ML - Bringing Photos to Life

Runway ML's motion brush feature is a game-changer, allowing any photograph to come to life with simple brush strokes that guide the AI on which elements to animate.

This tool excels in understanding natural movements, especially with elements like fire and water, providing a seamless animation effect that can captivatingly infuse life into still images.

Personalization is a key aspect of Runway ML, creating unique animations from personal selfies to landscapes, ensuring that your creations are always one-of-a-kind and engaging.

3. Hey Jen - Your Multilingual Avatar

Hey Jen catapults us into a future where language barriers are thinner than ever. It takes a selected language and transforms your original video into a translated version with surprising accuracy.

Offering a plethora of languages, this tool is paving the way for a future where instant translations could possibly become an integrated part of everyday wearables like glasses.

While it's impressive in its scope, Hey Jen also hints at a world where AI-enhanced communication could significantly enhance global understanding and interactions.

4. Musicfy LOL - The AI Band

Musicfy LOL turns your voice into an array of instruments, and the results are impressive. By simply humming or making sounds, the AI creates music tracks that sound professionally produced.

Adding layers like rhythm guitar or bass is straightforward, allowing you to compose full musical pieces with just your voice and AI assistance.

The possibilities for creativity are limitless with Musicfy LOL, giving users the tools to explore their musical talents without the need for physical instruments.

5. Eleven Labs - Voice Transformation

Eleven Labs showcases an extraordinary journey into voice modulation, where the tone, pitch, and even personality in your voice can be altered to match a variety of characteristics.

With the power to clone voices, this tool can relieve you from mundane tasks like replying to emails by using a simulated version of your unique communication style.

The prospect of seamlessly changing one's voice at will is fascinating, offering both practical utilities and boundless creative explorations.

6. AI Tool Accessibility and Cost Concerns

Public feedback highlights cost as a significant barrier, with some users expressing a desire for free access to AI tools so they can explore these innovative technologies without financial restraint.

Concerns are also raised about AI tools transitioning from free to paid models, as seen with Runway ML and Leonardo, indicating a need for clarity on tool accessibility over time.

As AI continues to integrate into daily life, finding a balance between cost, accessibility, and sustainability of AI platforms will be crucial for ensuring that a wider audience can benefit from these advancements.

7. Skepticism and Amazement towards AI Capabilities

While some users are amazed by the capabilities of AI, others are skeptical, comparing current features to those available in software from two decades ago, albeit with a modern 'AI' label.

The conversation brings to light that not everyone perceives AI advancements as groundbreaking, suggesting that some innovations may be viewed as repackaged versions of existing technologies.

It is evident that as AI evolves, there will be continued debate about what constitutes true innovation versus repurposing older concepts with a novel approach.

8. The Authenticity and Future of AI in Art

A section of the audience debates the authenticity of AI-generated art, considering it less genuine than traditional art forms that require learned skills and individual creativity.

Despite this contention, the proliferation of AI in the art world is unlikely to slow, as the barrier to creating visually appealing work is lowered for those without formal training.

The debate around AI art raises important questions about the definitions of art, skill, and creativity, suggesting that society's perception of these concepts is bound to shift as technology progresses.


The world of artificial intelligence has expanded significantly, presenting an array of AI tools that offer diverse and powerful capabilities. Whether it's generating art in real-time, making static images move, or even turning your voice into musical instruments, AI continues to surprise with its versatility and creativity. Here is a curated list of 10 such impressive AI tools that you should be aware of in 2024, ready to revolutionize the way you interact with technology.