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[Unboxing Acoustics] BITOS Sora Pro 2.1 Soundbar Unveils Power-Packed Bass for an Immersive Sonic Experience with 'Maiden New Dream' Maho as Your Audio Guide

By GChannel Ultra     Updated Feb 26, 2024

Welcome to the world of immersive sound with the BITOS Sora Pro 2.1 Soundbar. Join us on a sonic journey as Maho from 'Maiden New Dream' guides you through the nuances of this powerful audio device, promising to enhance your multimedia experiences.

1. Design and Build

The BITOS Sora Pro Soundbar boasts a compact yet profound 2.1 channel design suitable for most home environments. It comes with a stylish wood finish and an elegant BOTIS leather logo on the front that adds a classy touch to its overall appearance.

Accompanying the soundbar is a wireless subwoofer adorned with grey and wooden hues complementing the main unit. If desired, the soundbar can be mounted on the wall, with included wall mounts for a neat and streamlined setup.

Accessibility is straightforward with the soundbar featuring physical buttons for power, volume control, and input selection. The back panel includes a variety of inputs including HDMI, coaxial, optical, 3.5mm, USB, and power, to ensure connectivity for all your devices.

2. Audio Performance

The soundbar's acoustic capabilities do not disappoint, with four 3-inch full-range speakers and two 1.25-inch tweeters. This delivers a total RMS of 140 watts and peaks at 200 watts, providing an immersive listening experience.

The 6.5-inch subwoofer enhances the setup with deep and impactful bass, backed by 60 watts of output. The seamless wireless connection means no cords to contend with, while powerful base performance can be adjusted to personal preference.

Listeners can customize their auditory experience using the remote control, choosing between three effect modes: Movie, Music, and Dialogue. Each mode is designed to optimally balance tones, whether you're enjoying a film, listening to music, or seeking clear speech.

3. Unique Features

The Sora Pro Soundbar stands out with its voice navigation system, guided by Maho from the Japanese game 'Maiden New Dream'. These vocal prompts for power on, power off, and device connection add a playful and user-friendly dimension to the soundbar's functionality.

LED lights on the soundbar indicate the current mode and status with color changes, which could require a closer look to ensure selected functions are activated properly.

Despite its wireless capabilities, the unit must be connected to power as it requires two power bricks. Users should also be aware that the soundbar supports PCM output, which may necessitate adjusting the settings on your TV to match.

4. Community Insights

Some users inquired about the possibility of connecting the Sora Pro Soundbar directly to a PC using wires to avoid potential Bluetooth latency issues while watching 4K content.

Another concern raised by a viewer was the power management in relation to the TV set—specifically, if the soundbar will automatically turn off or enter standby mode when the TV shuts down.

The solid wood design of the soundbar didn't go unnoticed, with viewers praising its attractiveness and visual aesthetic.

The thoroughness of the review was appreciated by the audience, with one of the viewers giving a thumbs up for the all-rounded testing, and highlighting the informative value of the review while offering their support with a like.


In our exclusive unboxing and review, we dive into the BITOS Sora Pro 2.1 Soundbar's features and performance. From its elegant build quality to the bass that packs a punch, we evaluate how this soundbar could be the perfect addition to your audio setup at home.