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Sora Witnesses Haachama's Greatest Miracle

By Murasaki Ringo Hololive Clips     Updated Feb 25, 2024

In a stunning display of camaraderie and gaming prowess, Sora becomes an eyewitness to Haachama's most miraculous victory yet.

1. Choosing Their Strengths

The game kicked off with Haachama proudly choosing an activity where she felt she could truly shine. Excitedly, she suggested they play Yacht, confident in her recent solo practice and the newfound strength she had developed in the game.

Sora, matching Haachama's enthusiasm, readily agreed. There was an air of electric anticipation as they joyously chorused, 'Let's do Yacht!' signaling the start of what would be a memorable showdown.

Sora's luck seemed to have bloomed right from the start with an impressive B.Straight, igniting a spark of competition between the two. Haachama, unfazed, noted that there was still much of the game left, foreshadowing the thrilling twists to come.

2. The Miraculous Yacht

Haachama's prowess flared when she rolled a Yacht, a move considered a waste by some onlookers if not strategically placed. However, Haachama, the strategist, contemplated saving the move for a stronger tactical advantage later in the game.

Sora's amazement was palpable as she incentivized Haachama's high risk for a potentially greater reward, a choice that would later lead to the 'greatest miracle' the audience would witness. The gambit set the tone for a series of escalating extraordinary rolls.

Each roll brought them closer in score, and the possibility of a draw seemed increasingly likely. The crowd watched with bated breath as the idols kept matching each other’s moves, manifesting their strong bond through the game.

3. An Audience Awed

Viewers shared their amazement online with comments like 'nice miracles!' and 'Haachama got game,' resonating with the incredible spectacle they had just experienced.

Others highlighted the adorable dynamics between the idols with remarks such as 'These two so teetee, cute.' The lively discussion even sparked playful narratives involving divine beings.

As the drama unfolded, fans humorously portrayed Haachama adopting a more senior stance with the quip 'Look at me. I am the senpai now,' reflecting the playful banter that added heart to the intense competition.

4. Beyond the Game

Some audience members were left in disbelief at the sequence of events in the 'second game' that played out so astonishingly, challenging the limits of what they thought possible in a game of Yacht.

The phrase 'sasuga strongest idols' was flung around, celebrating the extraordinary talent exhibited by both Haachama and Sora throughout their gaming session, which some fans speculated was influenced by cosmic forces.

In the end, the bond between the idols, their shared moments of triumph and playful competitiveness, was the true highlight, proving that sometimes, it's not just about winning, but the journey shared with friends that makes for the most miraculous tales.


In an event that fans are calling Haachama's greatest miracle, Sora was present to witness a remarkable gaming session between these two idols. The duo went head-to-head in a competitive game, showcasing their skills, strategy, and a bit of magical luck. The match was highlighted by moments of intense gameplay, shocking outcomes, and a strong bond between the players that captivated the audience.