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Sora Tests Her Limits in Super Mario Bros World 8 Adventure [Hololive]

By Murasaki Ringo Vtuber Stories     Updated Feb 27, 2024

Dive into the captivating and sometimes comical journey of Hololive's Sora as she tackles the notoriously tricky World 8 of Super Mario Bros. Will her determination overcome the game's challenges or will fatigue set in?

1. A Quest of Persistence and Pain

Sora, the cheerful and resilient virtual YouTuber from Hololive, welcomed her viewers to join her on an epic journey through the final world of Super Mario Bros – World 8. Amongst cries of 'Dangerous!' and 'Why?', Sora's avatar bounded and stumbled through the pixelated dangers.

Even for someone accustomed to the terrors of horror games, the challenges of World 8 made Sora leap and squeal in surprise. Her fans watched in suspense and amusement as each misstep was met with a resolve to 'Go faster' only to be reminded that haste often leads to Mario's untimely demise.

Determination turned to discomfort as the rigorous tapping of the D-Pad began to take its toll on Sora's thumb, illustrating the physical commitment she was pouring into conquering the game.

2. The Lightbulb Moments

'With dash you can run over the holes!' a viewer suggested, prompting a revelation for Sora that this technique had been available all along. To Sora's amazement, she realized the potential of the mechanic and her voice filled with the excitement of a new strategy.

But amidst the newfound knowledge, new challenges awaited. 'This here is difficult!' she exclaimed, as more intricate jumps and enemies piled up on the screen. The journey through World 8 was as much a battle of wits as it was a test of reflexes.

Despite the frequent falls and the pressing pain, Sora pushed on. The fans cheered 'Do your best!' in solidarity, echoing through the chat as if to will her to victory.

3. Moments of Anticipation and Comic Relief

To the amusement of viewers, there were moments where the irony was just too sweet. 'He fell down!' Sora commented at one point, only for Mario to mimic her avatar's fate seconds later. This blend of empathetic playfulness and humorous jinxes kept the spirits high.

The chat was equally supportive as they were entertained by Sora's reactions, with one fan noting the contrast between her calmness in horror games versus her animated responses to the platforming perils of Super Mario Bros.

Technical snafus added an extra layer to the experience. Some viewers noticed a slight delay between Sora's actions and the in-game sounds, providing an odd but endearing synchronicity to her struggles and successes.

4. The Power of Community and Hopeful Requests

Fans didn't just serve as spectators; they provided nuggets of wisdom and encouragement. 'Shuba failed to get enough momentum before leaping!' shed light on the importance of timing and speed – a crucial nugget of gameplay technique for tackling World 8.

The community's engagement extended beyond mere advice. Many expressed hopes of seeing Sora play other editions of the Mario series like Super Mario Bros 2 and 3, showing a vested interest in her continued gaming adventures.

'Sofa chan: stop stopping me,' Sora pleaded with her comedic stumbles, and the chat responded with a collective 'cute,' showcasing the playful banter and affectionate bond between Sora and her viewers.


Hololive's Sora faced a formidable foe, not in the form of Bowser, but rather the perilous stages of World 8 in the classic game, Super Mario Bros. Her adventure was marked by determination, discovery, and a touch of discomfort as she played until her thumbs protested.