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Sora's Stylish Start in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom [Hololive]

By Murasaki Ringo Vtuber Stories     Updated Feb 27, 2024

Embark on a delightful adventure with the adorable Sora from Hololive, as she dives boots-first into the mystical world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

1. Sora's Initial Impressions

As Sora delved into the deeper-than-expected tunnels of Zelda's expansive world, her first remarks were filled with curiosity and excitement, revealing the game's striking beauty and her playful interactions with Zelda.

It wasn't long before she encountered her first hurdle, reacting with an adorable flare of panic when the health meter plummeted. 'It fell down to three hearts!' she exclaimed, rallying herself with a charge, 'You can do it!'

The sense of wonder Sora felt was infectious, leading her to marvel at the surroundings with phrases like, 'This is super pretty!' and 'What is that? Amazing!' Her enthusiasm transformed the gameplay into a spectacle of joy and discovery.

2. Sartorial Treasures and Missteps

Among Sora's early victories was the acquisition of a sharp pair of pants, which she couldn't help but admire. 'How do you like my pants? Aren't they great?' she asked her audience, relishing what she humorously acknowledged as 'a bit good.'

However, her fashion-forward triumph was quickly followed by some waterlogged mishaps. 'Don't fall in the water!' she warned Link repeatedly, only to chuckle at the all-too-human error, 'Why did you fall in the water?'

Amusingly, the new legwear did little to aid her in avoiding aquatic accidents, proving that even in a virtual Eden, splashes and spills are just a misstep away. Still, Sora's upbeat attitude ensured that each slip was nothing but another reason to smile.

3. Epic Encounters and Comical Courage

As her adventure progressed, Sora encountered the Demon King, voicing both concern and determination. The question 'Is this the Demon King?' was asked with a mix of intrigue and trepidation, a sentiment shared by many players as they face their foes.

The rollercoaster of emotions continued as she sought solace in what she considered the 'strongest word:' hope. 'Link, I'm scared for your arm...' she admitted, empathizing with the character's plight and hinting at deeper story elements.

Despite occasional falls, like when she lamented, 'She fell! She fell down!' her resolve was unshaken. Tackling even the highest of jumps with a daring 'Let's jump guys!' reflected her plucky spirit, mirroring Link's own heroic heart.

4. Fan Reactions to Sora's Charm

The engaging playthrough quickly captured the hearts of fans, with one commenting on Sora's irresistible cuteness, 'super cute!' This sentiment was echoed across the community, many of whom found her enthusiasm 'infectious.'

Not only did the admirers note Sora's delightful reactions, but they also offered kudos for the video editing. Despite a small hiccup with audio sync, a fan wrote, 'great video. audio's like 1s out of sync but for sora's cuteness I can adjust.'

Viewers also couldn't help but sprinkle in a bit of humor regarding the game's storyline, jesting about the ongoing tumult of Link's world with quips like, 'When can these two finally live in peace? When Nintendo runs out of business.'

5. Anticipation and Loyalty from the Followers

Many were just thrilled to see Sora take on the new Zelda title. 'Nice I was hoping you would clip her Zelda streams,' one fan expressed, showing their eagerness for content featuring their beloved streamer.

The dedicated followers also took the opportunity to correct and comment on the gameplay narrative, suggesting tiny alterations like, '2:18 small correction: "When can THESE two finally live in peace?" Thanks for the cool clips!'

Even amidst the gameplay and jokes, fans couldn’t help but wonder about Sora's experience. 'Did she play BotW?' asked a curious viewer, showcasing a genuine interest in the context of her gameplay and her journey through the Zelda franchise.


Sora, the effervescent Hololive star, has begun her enchanting journey through the highly anticipated Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, captivating viewers with her endearing reactions and a trendy pair of new pants that have become the talk of the community.