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Sora's Mission to Superfan Status: A Stamp-Sized Hurdle

By Murasaki Ringo Vtuber Stories     Updated Feb 26, 2024

Dive into the whimsical online world where Sora ambitiously aims to snag the coveted title of AZKi's Superfan, only to discover her chat's allegiance to an unexpectedly popular digital stamp.

1. The Ascent to Superfan

Sora was all geared up for her adventure, exclaiming 'First, let's become Ina's Superfan!' with a thrill in her voice. Full of determination, she rallied her virtual fans with a 'Let's go!' that echoed through the chat.

'Today, I will conquer!' Sora declared, showing off her chosen outfit for her ambitious quest. Her excitement was palpable, but soon after, her plans took a detour. 'Wuah, this is bad!' she cried out, as she noticed the chat's fascination with the infamous Greed Stamp.

Despite her repeated calls to 'Stop it! Stop it!' the stamp was becoming an undeniable sensation among her fans. 'True Takodachi...' she sighed, acknowledging the ease at which the chat fell under the stamp's simple yet irresistible charm.

2. The Comic Trials of Fandom

Sora's journey was spotted with moments of humor and irony. 'This might be bad!' she quipped in the face of adversity, donning different outfits and dipping into hard game modes like 'Halloween' in an attempt to steer the chat's attention back to her mission.

Amidst frantic gameplay, Sora clutched at every straw to reclaim her spotlight and fan dedication. 'Body Pill... let me hold you!' she pleaded humorously, seeking comfort from a virtual body pillow. Despite her outcry 'Do your best!' her virtual audience remained steadfastly fixated on their newfound stamp love affair.

Adding to her challenge, Sora contended with in-game debuffs like Lappland Shackles, charmingly exclaiming 'It's very colourful! Colourful!' in light of her predicaments. 'Ah, but I'm taking it for the speed buff!' she reasoned as she strategized her way through, leveraging everything she could, including a possibly forsaken trumpet.

3. The Glory of the Greed Stamp

'SOFA-SODA-CHAN, AAAAAAAAAAAAA' the chat roared, encapsulating the stamp's essence in a simple catchphrase. The vigor with which Sora's followers exerted their admiration for the icon was remarkable.

The amusement of Sora's misadventures was clear as one fan pointed out, '...she didn't even know that she was using the reverse stamp? 🤣 Man, I hope Sora isn't streaming while she's super tired or something! She's so pon sometimes.'

'Sofa chan:I'll become an azki fan. Chat: but what about sofa chan?' another pointed out, highlighting the playful tug-of-war between Sora's goal and the chat's cheeky diversion.

4. Commendations and Humor

'I’m surprised there isn’t an achievement or something for using the trumpet, rgb, and bae stamps all at max,' a viewer mused, suggesting even more ways the chat's favorite stamp could take center stage.

'I appreciate the amount of effort you put into these clips - thank you as always,' appreciative feedback shone through the comments, with gratitude for the entertainment Sora provides.

Japanese fans chimed in as well, '日本語もいいね', nodding at Sora's inclusivity and dual-language flair, which helps with their language learning while bringing smiles to a global audience.


In a lighthearted escapade, Sora—an enthusiastic virtual character—strives to become the ultimate fan of the captivating performer, AZKi. However, she quickly realizes that her followers are already enamored with something else: a digital stamp which has taken the chat by storm. The article recounts Sora's experience, her interaction with the chat, and the surprising twist that keeps everyone on their toes.