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Sora's Growth Story: The First Day Home | Sora the Border Collie

By Sora邊境牧羊犬     Updated Feb 26, 2024

Last week, we shared the precious first encounter with Sora, and now, we're proud to continue the tale! This episode follows our cuddly little Border Collie, Sora, on his first day in his new home.

1. Starting with a Warm Welcome

Upon arrival, Sora, the fluffy Border Collie puppy, was welcomed with open arms and a warm meal. His weight was assessed using the kitchen scale—2.6 to 2.7 units not counting the cup—with the aim to gauge the appropriate food portion.

Measuring the temperature and consistency of Sora's dinner by hand, his new family ensured it was just right. As Sora devours his meal, the first lesson in house training looms on the horizon.

Father, multitasking between a phone call and puppy duties, navigates Sora's first mealtime with a mix of amusement and anticipation for the impending house-training challenge.

2. House-Training Hustle

Post mealtime, as anticipated, Sora hinted at his next natural call. His new family attempted to direct him to his designated potty spot. It wasn't long before they were greeted by an 'Oops!' moment—a little accident outside the targeted zone.

Dad, pretending to be stern, jovially chides the young pup for the mess. Armed with paper towels, the cleanup squad sprang into action, humorously evading Sora's playful attempts to 'help'.

While debating which cleaner to use in the midst of some playful banter, it's clear these new puppy parents are quickly learning the reality of 'accidents' as part of the puppy-training adventure.

3. Community Tips and Tricks

A comment from the community suggests keeping a puppy's space limited at the beginning to ease him into house-training. By restricting areas to only a bed and pee pads, this commenter's Sheltie learned where to relieve itself within days.

Another reader enjoys the series and looks forward to future episodes, showing support and fondness for Sora's story. It's clear these snippets of Sora's life are resonating with fellow dog lovers.

One laughingly points out that balancing parental roles seems to be in play as Dad typically isn't the one in charge of clean-up. This lighthearted observation showcases the shared amusement among Sora's growing fanbase.

4. A Shared Journey

It’s evident that Sora's growing story has struck a chord with many. People are not only watching his journey, but they're also sharing their own stories and advice, creating a community of support and shared experiences.

The humor and love shown throughout this series contribute to its charm, and it's clear that Sora has not just found a home but an extended family online.

Fellow dog owners find joy and a sense of camaraderie in following Sora's adventures, recognizing all too well the steps and stumbles involved in raising a furry friend.


In this heartwarming tale, we detail the small victories and the adorable mishaps of Sora's introduction to his new life. From his first meal to his initial attempts at house-training, Sora has begun to leave his tiny paw prints all over our hearts—and sometimes our floors.