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Sora Opens Up a Hidden Path in Super Mario World [Hololive]

By Murasaki Ringo Vtuber Stories     Updated Feb 25, 2024

Immerse yourself in the thrilling discovery as Sora from Hololive uncovers a secret route in the classic Super Mario World. Her journey takes us through watery depths and treacherous lands fraught with danger and surprises.

1. A Watery Discovery

The adventure kicks off with a splash, as Sora plunges into a water stage, murmuring a chorus of 'What, what, what?' Her bewilderment is palpable, as is the determination behind her exclamations of 'This way!' and 'I have to hurry!'

Locating a P-switch and a mysterious keyhole only adds to the intrigue, driving her—and us—forward. Sora's cries of 'Hurry! Here! Here! Here!' push the feverish pace as she navigates through the rippling blue.

Her mixture of excitement and urgency is relatable, tapping into that universal rush of discovering something new and hidden in a familiar game. It's a testament to the timeless design of Super Mario World and Sora's infectious enthusiasm.

2. The Slippery Slope to Victory

Upon entering the ghost house, Sora is quick to spot the crucial P-switch perched above. 'Let's try pushing this!' she declares, leading to the discovery of an ambiguous exit and the question, 'Did I come to a secret stage?'

The subsequent slide into the unknown is met with alarms of 'Dangerous!' and 'It's slippery!', narrating her wild ride down the treacherous path. Even the sight of the formidable Bowser elicits a mixed response of awe and caution.

Despite the obstacles, Sora's triumphant 'Alright!', and onlookers' cheers for her to 'Please encourage me!' are the fuel she needs to not only survive the slide but also to savor the victory of clearing this challenging stage. In doing so, she captures the essence of gaming: overcoming challenges with persistence and a bit of flair.

3. Viewer Engagement

Fans can't get enough of Sora's gameplay, as evidenced by the repeated commendations like 'I burst out laughing when she followed the star down the pit' and 'her reactions are both funny and adorable'.

Sora's connection to her audience is further showcased as viewers genuinely relate to her moments of delight with comments such as 'why is this so satisfying?' after a display of skilled Koopa conquests.

The game's intricacies aren't lost on Sora or her fans, with insights about the level design adding depth. One viewer notes, 'Honestly good level design because the lake stage both teaches that underwater levels are once again a thing, and also that items can be held underwater as well as modify the movement.'

4. Appreciation for the Details

Certain features stand out to the keen-eyed observer. One such highlight pointed out by a fan was the 'Puzzle coins where you can control it using arrow keys, gives a lot of coins.' It's these minute yet impactful aspects that make gameplay with Sora an enriching experience.

Nostalgia mixes with novelty as remarks about seeing 'ballon mario should be put in mario maker', suggest a desire to blend old and new Mario elements, further adding to the charm of the game when experienced through Sora's stream.

The climactic encounter with Bowser draws its share of attention, with one viewer humorously sharing their admiration for the 'Nice View Of Bowser Sora!', recognizing both the challenge and the spectacle of it all.


Dive into the aquatic adventure with Sora as she skillfully navigates the waters and hidden pathways of Super Mario World. Echoing the excitement of Hololive fans, this article explores her captivating gameplay, detailing how she reveals a secret stage and overcomes its challenges with humor and determination.