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『PARODY』 Sora's in a Battle Shounen!? (Soaring Sky PreCure)

By MidniteRealmVA     Updated Feb 25, 2024

Dive into the uproarious realm of Soaring Sky PreCure, where the boundaries between fantasy, comedy, and shounen-style battles blur in this imaginative parody.

1. Hilarious Encounters in Skyland

Sora's journey kicks off with a blast when a successful portal experiment unexpectedly sweeps them into a far-off land full of quirky characters and fantastical machinations. Colloquial banter and patriotic jabs set the stage for the satirical adventure.

The return of Princess Ageha features pun-laden dialogues and a cast of characters who juggle royal decrees and personal jibes with the ease of seasoned comedians. Sora's plight as an unintentional nanny introduces a gentle satire on gender roles and expectations.

From mistakenly enchanted vines to the antics of Lady Yoyo's 'metal def machines', the residents of Skyland craft a symphony of slapstick and puns that echo with the sound of audience laughter.

2. Bouts and Battles Comfort

"Hero time" becomes a running gag as Captain Shalala announces various battle scenarios, mashing up traditional fighting shounen themes with the absurdity of battling farting pigs and vine monsters.

The confrontation between Sora and Berryberie unfolds a spectacle of bizarre abilities likened to sour grapes, culminating in a duel where humor triumphs brute strength. It's a parody that doesn't fight shy of poking fun at serious shounen showdowns.

Amidst the fray, the introduction of a 'Jamaican Batman' and callbacks to other famous characters add flavor to the battle stew, seasoning it with a dash of meta-humor and pop culture references.

3. Audience's Roaring Approval

Viewers couldn't contain their amusement at the 'Jamaican Batman' and the cheeky nod to Skylanders, including a cameo of a rare Spyro figure, which delighted both toy enthusiasts and fans of wordplay alike.

The role-swapping humor, where Sora, presumed female, is revealed to be a boy, tickles the audience's funny bone, challenging expectations in a landscape often painted with broad strokes of stereotypical gender roles.

The unapologetic parody of magical girl tropes delivers a comedic punch that resonates with fans, earning belly laughs and thumbs up for breaking the mold in the most unexpectedly delightful ways.

4. Critique Wrapped in Humor

In the spirit of levity, some fans passionately debate lead roles, contrasting the characters of Sora and Mashiro. They playfully tease out the layers of parody present in this alternative PreCure narrative.

The familiar PreCure formula is turned on its head with caustic wit, as viewers relish the 'hero time' catchphrase and chuckle at the unconventional heroism on display—sometimes questioned, sometimes celebrated, but always entertaining.

The public revels in the innovative sketch of this PreCure parody, cheering for its bold deviations and the crowning of a typically non-traditional character like Sora in a lead role, all while not shying away from principled critique.


The article unveils the comedic chaos when Sora finds himself amidst a battle shounen scenario in the whimsical universe of Soaring Sky PreCure. It captures humorous dialogues, unexpected twists, and character antics that repaint the well-loved magical girl genre with a stroke of parody genius.