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Omakase At A Beautiful 12-Counter Seat Restaurant - SUSHI SORA * Vlog | Food |

By Walk with Fa     Updated Feb 25, 2024

Step into the world of culinary delight with an intimate omakase experience at the alluring Sushi Sora inside the Sofitel So Hotel in Bangkok. Our gastronomic journey unfolds as we navigate the exquisite offerings and serene aesthetics of this 12-seat sushi haven.

1. A Warm Welcome to Sushi Sora

Nestled in the Sofitel So Hotel, Bangkok, Sushi Sora greets guests with its warm and inviting ambiance. A majestic wooden panel enhances the traditional Japanese atmosphere, punctuated by hints of contemporary design.

The staff's initial absence upon our arrival only heightens the anticipation for the meal that is to come. When the restaurant beckons us back inside, we are ready to embark on our omakase adventure, starting with the 'lunch course' priced at around $82.

We begin with a refreshing cold towel, a crisp prelude to the opulent journey of flavors awaiting us.

2. The Art of Omakase Unfolds

Chef's deft hands showcase a delicate knife ballet, artfully preparing the day's fresh ingredients. The gastronomic performance, soothing to watch, sets the tone for a meal crafted with meticulous attention.

The experience is heightened by seasonal offerings such as Hotaru Ika, a spring delicacy served uniquely by each omakase. The anticipation to try grilled Hotaru Ika, usually enjoyed boiled, steamed, or raw, adds an element of surprise.

Dishes are recommended to be savored with just a touch of wasabi and salt, emphasizing the chefs' confident craft in balancing flavors.

3. An Array of Delicacies

The omakase adventure leads us through a series of delicate seafood dishes, each bursting with umami and texture. My favorite, the Ikura, comes across as oversized beads of joy, firm yet succulent with a satisfying burst of flavor.

The chirashi don, a signature dish, is a beautiful medley of tastes and textures—a symphony of sweet Uni, savory brown rice, crispy tempura flakes, and assorted toppings.

Exquisite Ankimo, ordered à la carte, presents itself like a masterpiece, tempting us to indulge as if it were a dessert burger—a creamy, sweet, and slightly salty end to the savory part of our journey.

4. Finale with Flair

As the meal nears its conclusion, a three-layered Tamago offers a unique twist on a classic sushi component, leading to a savory clear soup that surprises with its rich flavor journey.

A decorative bowl of soup adds a dash of chic to the finale, its yuzu-infused aroma and flavor providing a refreshing lift to the palate.

The dessert rounds out the experience, lifting spirits and leaving us in high regards of our entire meal at Sushi Sora—a sublime blend of delicious food in a gorgeous setting.

5. Audience Accolades

Our audience's overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights their appreciation for the vlog, echoing sentiments of both discovery and perennial favorites like Saké and Yuzu.

Viewers are grateful for the sharing of experiences, with some planning to visit multiple omakase restaurants inspired by our adventure.

The vlog stands out, not just for its culinary content, but also for its quality of production, drawing parallels with top-tier international channels.


Sushi Sora offers a spectacular omakase experience that blends traditional warmth with modern elegance at its 12-counter seat restaurant, nestled in Sofitel So Hotel, Bangkok. From the artistry of the chefs to the meticulously crafted dishes, this vlog takes you through a lunch course worth savoring. The guest's encounter with the restaurant's ambiance, the stunning ceiling, and the Omakase's intricate flavors, showcased a meal that tantalized the taste buds with its freshness, seasonality, and creativity.