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Narita Airport's Sora no Yu: A Scenic Hot Spring Experience with a Stay

By Osanpo Travel     Updated Feb 26, 2024

Narita Airport is not just a travel hub, it's a gateway to relaxation thanks to the Sora no Yu hot spring. Located conveniently near the airport, Sora no Yu offers a unique opportunity to unwind in an open-air bath while watching planes soar into the sky.

1. Bathing with a View

What sets Sora no Yu apart is the truly unique experience of its open-air bath, where you can relax in the rejuvenating waters while watching planes take to the skies. The night view is particularly mesmerizing as the lights of departing and arriving aircraft add a sparkling ambiance.

The natural hot spring water, gushing from 1000 meters underground, is a therapeutic brown, saline water that soothes the body. With additional facilities like jet baths and reclining baths, every preference is catered to.

Aside from the scenic outdoor bath, guests can also enjoy indoor hot springs, a bubble bath, saunas, and even pot baths, all of which offer their own unique relaxation benefits.

2. Convenience for Travelers

Proximity to Narita Airport is a huge convenience for travelers. The hot spring offers a free shuttle service which is just a 10 to 15-minutes ride to and from the airport, making it perfect for those with early flights or late arrivals.

For those driving in, a complimentary parking space is available for up to 24 hours. This makes Sora no Yu an ideal rest stop for both international guests and locals embarking on a journey.

For guests looking to extend their stay, a range of accommodation options is available, including a capsule hotel situated on the premises, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

3. Additional Amenities

Sora no Yu provides more than just baths. After soaking, guests can unwind further with a chair massage, or if needed, make use of the on-site laundry which is particularly helpful after a long journey.

For those who might get peckish, there's a dining area offering affordable and delicious meals, including options like ramen and fried chicken, while a resting area with recliners allows you to relax while reading manga or simply lounging.

Should you fancy some pampering, beauty treatments and massages are available at an extra cost. Plus, there's no need for cash inside the facility as a key service doubles as a wallet.

4. Pricing and Reservations

A visit to the hot springs at Sora no Yu is reasonably priced, with different rates for day bathers and those opting for additional services such as the rock bath or overnight stays.

Weekday rates start at 1,000 yen for a three-hour bath, while holidays are slightly higher at 1,200 yen. Overnight stays in the capsule hotel, including hot spring access, can also be quite affordable depending on the time of year.

It's recommended to check their website for the latest pricing and to make a reservation, ensuring your spot in this little slice of heaven next to Narita Airport.


The Sora no Yu hot spring near Narita Airport provides travelers with an exceptional place to relax before or after their flights. With a range of facilities including natural hot springs, dining areas, and even accommodations, it's an experience that combines convenience with pleasure. Let's take an immersive look into what makes Sora no Yu a recommended destination for a blissful escape.