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My Asian Fiancé Visits NYC for the First Time! This City is CRAZY! 🗽 [International Couple] 🇰🇷🇲🇳🇺🇸

By Brandon and Sora     Updated Feb 26, 2024

Join us as we dive into the whirlwind experience of my Asian fiancé, Sora, as she ventures through the buzzing streets of New York City for the very first time. From cultural shockwaves to the warmth of unexpected encounters, this tale unfolds the beautifully chaotic symphony of the Big Apple.

1. The Hustle and Bustle of Times Square

Picture this: Brandon and Sora, arm in arm, taking their very first steps into the heart of Times Square, the eyes of Sora widened with awe at the surrounding digital billboards and the ceaseless flow of people like tides on concrete.

In the whirl of this new world, they stumble upon unexpected hitches; a shocking encounter with what they suspect was poop right on the sidewalk! And yet, amid the confusion and crowd, they find camaraderie in Sora's brother Yorrick, who joins them in taking on the 'crazy' charm of the city.

Their journey takes a flavorful turn as they meet fellow merrymakers, some dressed as caped crusaders (though be wary of photo fees!), and savor the frosty New York winter that bites at their cheeks as they explore.

2. Sampling the City's Sugary Delights

Amid the merciless cold, the trio seeks refuge in the warm embrace of Krispy Kreme. There, a battle against the chill ensues, with a legendary 'Big Apple Donut' as their reward — an $11 splurge that has Sora question whether confectionery grandeur justifies the price tag.

The act of biting into the donut becomes a moment of truth, with each chew a contemplation on whether the apple and cream cheese filling within can triumph over the dread of the freezing cityscape outside.

The experience is not just a taste of the city's literal offerings but a metaphorical bite into the 'expensive taste' of the New York lifestyle, leaving them pondering over the cost of living, and perhaps, the cost of joy, in a city so renowned.

3. The Cultural Potpourri

New York City is nothing if not a cultural mosaic, and our international duo experience it in full spectrum — from the historical reverence of the St. Patrick's Cathedral, their eyes tracing the lines of gothic architecture, to the cinematic expanse of Grand Central Station, where movie scenes flash before their eyes.

Their stroll is punctuated with moments of cultural exchange, such as an impromptu live stream conversation with a local New Yorker, where they get to share their story and heritage with an engaged audience.

They navigate the city's streets, painted with diverse languages and accents, witnessing firsthand the vibrant blend of cultures that make NYC a microcosm of the world.

4. Urban Wildlife and Unfiltered Experiences

No account of New York City would be complete without mention of its unsung inhabitants. First-timers like Sora are often astounded by close encounters with creatures like pigeons strutting with impunity and the notorious NYC rats, an exotic sight for many from less urbanized spaces.

In one particularly candid episode, they espied a pervading presence of the city's wildlife right in Bryant Park — a domain where rats scurry with the same purposeful haste as the city's human occupants.

Such moments serve to ground their experience of the city, contrasting the imposing structures with the life that teems at ground level, a gritty reminder of the city's untamed spirit.

5. Frigid Weather and Warm Encounters

As the couple traverses the urban landscape, the biting New York winter serves as their constant companion, compelling them to seek warmth in the bustling environment of Bryant Park where hot chocolate serves as a shield against the frost.

Even as they brace against the cold, the warmth of human connections unfurls in unexpected ways as they interact with a colorful cast of New Yorkers, from shopkeepers to street performers, each with a story of their own.

Regardless of the biting cold, the city's pulse beats warm with life, its citizens' resilience shining through, sharing smiles with two souls wrapped in the embrace of fresh adventures.

6. The Authentic New York Experience

One observer notes that not even within the first minute of arrival, the international couple had a taste of the 'authentic New York experience', encapsulating the unpredictable nature and diversity of life in the Big Apple.

Expressions like 'hey broda' sprinkle the scene with local flavor, and someone compares the trio’s relaxed exploration to the carefree spirit of 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off', a fitting parallel to their laid-back city adventure.

Despite the crowding tourists and the occasional gruffness of the city dwellers, the sentiment remains: Brandon and Sora have experienced the peculiar charm that defines New York.

7. A Melting Pot of Impressions

Many applaud the couple's adventure, echoing the love of locals for their city and rejoicing at the sight of new eyes exploring the familiar turf of NYC. Comments flow in, filled with good wishes and a touch of envy from those who dream of visiting one day.

One comment from a local illuminates the darker side of tourism — the tourist traps and high prices — but also extends an open invitation to the less-traveled paths that show the city's true colors.

Discussions about specific locations like Grand Central Station surface various memories and movie trivia, displaying an engagement with culture and the arts that's prevalent among the city’s residents and admirers alike.


In this vibrant narrative, we recount the adventures of international couple Brandon and Sora, as they navigate the electrifying jungle of New York City. With every step, they encounter the essence of NYC, from the iconic Times Square, the towering Empire State Building, to the sweet indulgence at Krispy Kreme. Through laughs, surprises, and the harsh bite of winter, they discover the city's undeniable charm and peculiarities.