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Mastering the Ultimate Support: The Baric Guide in Baldur's Gate 3

By Aiming4Gaming     Updated Mar 8, 2024

Roll up your sleeves and prep your spellbook because we're diving deep into a game-changer in Baldur's Gate 3. Combining the harmonious melody of the Bard with the divine might of the Cleric, and a dash of Wizard wisdom, we've cooked up a build that's nothing short of electrifying. Buckle up as we explore the realms of support with the ultimate 'Baric' build.

1. Early Game Strategy: Levels 1-6

Starting off as a Tempest Cleric, you'll gain crucial armor and weapon proficiencies while setting a strong foundation with buffs like Guidance and offensive options like Sacred Flame. Destructive Wrath introduces dynamic thunder and lightning damage capabilities.

As you level, focusing on spells that support and deal damage helps set the stage for your multi-faceted role. Select feats like Resilient: Constitution to help maintain crucial concentration spells while front-lining.

The progression involves gradually enhancing your ability to retaliterate with Wrath of the Storm, optimizing spell selection for support and damage, and solidifying your role as a support pillar with destructive capabilities.

2. Mid-Game Respec and Bard Progression: Levels 7-11

A strategic respec allows you to optimize attribute points for CON, WIS, and CHA, supported by Act 2 gear. Transitioning into Bard, focus on versatility through spells like Vicious Mockery and Song of Rest for post-battle recovery.

Leveraging Bardic abilities, choose spells and feats that increase your support and control capabilities, with an emphasis on non-concentration spells like Charm Person for crowd control.

The inclusion of Magical Secrets spells from the Bard's repertoire allows for significant versatility, adding high-impact options like Spirit Guardians and Warden of Vitality, setting the stage for effective multi-target healing and damage.

3. Wizardry and Final Touches: Level 12+

Adding a slice of Wizard into the mix introduces flexibility with the Shocking Grasp cantrip and spell utility options like Misty Step for positioning advantages.

The combined spell slots from all full-caster classes offer a wealth of spellcasting potential, bridging the gap between roles and enabling powerful combinations for any situation.

Revisiting Cleric and Bard spells ensures access to core utilities and improvements, fine-tuning the build's balancing act between damage, support, and survival through smart spell and feat selections.

4. Community Insights and Flexibility

Fans rave about the build's creative use of Shadowheart, highlighting its suitability for varied playstyles and appreciating the deep strategic layer it adds.

Questions around leveling paths mirror a broader discussion about flexibility and optimization, revealing a community eager to explore every angle and maximize potential.

Clarification on feats and progressions showcases the collaborative spirit of players, working together to understand the nuances of a complex yet rewarding build strategy.

5. Itemization and Synergy

Suggestions for items like The Spellsparkler and insights into synergy with Spirit Guardians paint a picture of a well-orchestrated dance of spells and effects.

The community's proactive sharing of tips, from item choices to tactical advice, underscores a shared journey of discovery and mastery in the rich world of Baldur's Gate 3.

Engagement with the content ranges from light-hearted banter about like button luck to earnest discussions on build viability, reflecting a spectrum of engagement and enthusiasm.


Melding the Bard, Cleric, and a hint of Wizard, this build brings a powerhouse of support, damage, and resilience to the table. From early game strategy to late-game optimization, including spell choices and items, this guide unveils how to build a character ready to buff, heal, and devastate foes, all while staying tough in the melee fray. Enthusiastic community responses reveal it's not just effective—it's downright fun.