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Mastering Google Bard's Gemini Pro: A Free and Powerful AI Experience

By 科技猎奇     Updated Mar 1, 2024

Today, we delve into the capabilities of Google's latest AI, Gemini. Let's explore how the different modalities of Google's Gemini AI, including Ultra, Pro, and Nano, contribute to a robust AI experience, and how to harness the free power of Gemini Pro on Google Bard.

1. Getting Started with Google Bard and Gemini Pro

To start exploring Gemini Pro on Google Bard, one must visit the official Google Bard website. Once there, confirmation can be obtained directly from the AI by asking it if Gemini Pro powers its responses.

Upon receiving the confirmation that Gemini Pro is indeed in use, one can begin to experience the multifaceted capabilities of this AI model, which is adept at processing various data types such as text, images, audio, video, and even code.

The interface of Gemini Pro, powered by Google Bard, is designed to not only generate creative content across different formats but also to respond to questions with impressive detail and accuracy.

2. Interactive Role-Play with Google Bard's AI

Google Bard's AI can take on different roles; for example, by selecting 'Science Concepts' on the homepage, the AI can address queries as a scientific researcher with in-depth insights into fundamental natural questions.

Shifting the AI's role is straightforward. By beginning a new dialogue under settings such as 'Household Chores', users can instruct Bard to assume the persona of a cleaning and organization expert, ready to offer practical advice and detailed cleaning schedules.

Depending on the nature of the inquiry, Google Bard can be directed to play various roles, which enhances the relevance and specificity of the AI's responses, whether you're asking about scientific phenomena or seeking a nutritionally balanced meal plan.

3. Experiences and Limitations

Discussion among users reveals mixed experiences with Google Bard's language capabilities, some questioning why Bard's responses are in Chinese, while others encounter difficulties with reading spreadsheet files or limited accessibility on certain devices like iPhones.

Many are intrigued by Bard's ability to learn from existing professional documents and access information even on a local computer, highlighting its powerful potential.

Despite some users facing issues with incorrect responses or misinterpreted commands, overall Google Bard is seen as a promising tool that could support AI painting and understand the context of images, though its competencies are still evolving.

4. Google Bard vs GPT Models

Public comments indicate a curiosity about Google Bard, with questions regarding which model it uses. Some responses suggest Bard might switch to models like LaMDA or even Transformer-XL when queried directly.

The debate whether Google Bard's Gemini is authentic or not heats up as users challenge its creative capabilities, asking it to draw and observing its responses whether it finds images online rather than creating original AI artwork.

Even though some users faced difficulties accessing or logging into Bard, the interest in this AI's functionalities remains high, prompting more inquiries into its potential to rival models like GPT-4 and speculation about what could be unlocked with Google Bard's Pro version soon.


Google Bard offers a gateway to experiencing the feature-rich capabilities of Gemini Pro, Google's AI that stands between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in terms of performance. While Ultra, corresponding to GPT-4, is not yet available for public use, Bard's incorporation of Gemini Pro allows for a versatile AI encounter, including role-play in various scenarios. This detailed tutorial demonstrates how to utilize Bard's capabilities, leading us to question if Gemini Pro can indeed become the world's strongest AI.