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Jenita's Love Intensifies. Sora and Tom Together. Harim Trashes her EX. Love After Divorce 4 Updates

By funnelpopTV     Updated Feb 25, 2024

Discover the latest updates on the Love After Divorce Season 4 cast members' lives post-show, including romantic developments, charitable endeavors, personal struggles, and heartfelt moments with their loved ones.

1. Jenita and Jerome's Blossoming Romance

Jenita and Jerome, fondly known as the honey couple, have continued their romance outside the lens of Love After Divorce. The pair, each other's final choice on the show, haven't just been basking in their love; they're using their platform for a greater cause. Collaborating with other members, they've crafted sweatshirts and hoodies, funneling all proceeds to charities YANA and Baby to Baby.

Their relationship isn't all work, though. Jenita and Jerome have been spotted soaking up the sun at various vacation hotspots. A recent visit to the Broad Museum and a scented oil shop, where they created personalized fragrances for each other, demonstrated their sweet bond. Jenita also enjoyed a Cancun getaway with her folks, while Jerome longs for a future trip with both sets of parents.

Fans were treated to a rare PDA moment with a post-trip picture of Jenita planting a kiss on Jerome. Known for her shyness, Benita's bold move hinted at how much she missed Jerome while away. The couple also supported a robot competition and had a romantic evening at a Mexican market, sparking rumors of wedding bells. Their latest social media quirk, replacing profile photos with each other's baby pictures, keeps fans swooning.

2. Sora and Tom's Domestic Bliss

Sora recently returned home to the US after spending a festive period in Korea. She and Jackson have opened their hearts and home to two adorable dogs from Korea, expanding their furry family. Sora continues to inspire through public speaking, with her channel filled with motivational and educational talks.

Tom, unable to resist Sora's culinary magic, made a visit. The couple enjoyed time with Sora's friends and indulged in her delectable home cooking. Tom's penchant for meditation was also on display, helping to keep the couple mentally balanced. The couple's display of togetherness delighted fans and hinted at a deepening bond between the two.

After the visit, Tom shared insights from his road trip back to Vegas live on social media. While safely in autopilot mode, he waxed poetic about life's free beauties, like the sky, and engaged with fans about the joys and challenges of relationships, offering a glimpse into his own journey.

3. Harim's Candid Confrontation

Harim, who was once seen as part of a loving family on the show, has recently taken to her social platform to share the difficulties faced by single mothers. She posted a screenshot of messages to her ex-husband, highlighting his lack of involvement with their children and his evasion of financial responsibility.

Her outpour of struggle and exasperation with her ex-husband's negligence struck a chord with many. She emphasized the sheer exhaustion and societal stigma single mothers face while soliciting support for their children. Harim urged an understanding of this plight, as she maneuvers full-time work and childcare on very little sleep.

The reaction from her followers was polarized. While some sympathized with her situation, others questioned the inconsistency with her previous defense of her ex-husband. Her responses were sharp and unapologetic, often humorous, as she navigated through this complicated chapter. Harim stressed the importance of reality and accountability, and her hope to secure proper child support through legal channels.

4. Public Reaction

The public response to Harim's situation is a mix of sympathy, advice, and confusion. While many feel for her challenged circumstances as a single mother, others question her authenticity due to previous statements defending her ex.

Suggestions for Harim included seeking a good lawyer and approaching the legal system in the United States, where the law concerning child support is clear and enforceable. Others expressed concern over the emotional toll on the children involved.

The discussions around Jenita and Jerome, as well as Sora and Tom, were overwhelmingly positive. Fans adore these couples and are invested in their stories, expressing longing for updates and rooting for their continued happiness. The audience's engagement reflects the deep connection viewers formed with these cast members throughout the show.


Jenita's relationship with Jerome blooms as they engage in charity work and personal adventures. Sora and Tom enjoy each other's company back in the US, with new furry additions to their family. Harim confronts the challenges of single motherhood by candidly sharing her ex-husband's lack of support. Meanwhile, fans weigh in with mixed reactions to this poignant narrative.