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JANY de SORA DORA | NUEVA Fragancia Gourmand | Reseña en Español

By Alejandro Gómez B. | Fragrances     Updated Feb 26, 2024

Discover the tantalizing and indulgent world of the latest gourmand fragrance, JANY de SORA DORA, in this detailed Spanish review.

1. Gourmand Aroma Unveiled

The fragrance captures the essence of a warm dessert with life-like precision. It opens with a hyper-realistic note of warm pie dough, featuring an inviting mixture of flour, butter, and a hint of clove.

The heart fills this base with succulent fruits like baked apples, juicy plums, and apricots. The note of baked apple is so prominent that it feels as if the fragrance has been sprinkled with cinnamon – a warm, spicy element that's substantial in this perfume.

This sweet symphony is further enriched by vanilla and caramel. Yet, despite the abundance of sweet elements, the scent avoids becoming cloying due to the balancing act performed by the creamy vanilla and the nutty almond undertones, providing an addictive yet sophisticated dessert fragrance experience.

2. Bottle Design & Aesthetics

JANY de SORA DORA boasts an immaculate white bottle, a departure from previous dark-colored designs, with a weighty marble-style cap that adds to the luxurious feel of the perfume.

Aesthetically, the frosted bottom of the bottle gives the appearance of being frozen, an element that contrasts with the warm, creamy scent it contains. The attention to detail extends to the microfiber cloth branded with 'Sadora', perfect for keeping the bottle pristine.

The fine mist from the atomizer distributes the scent beautifully, signaling the start of a sensory journey with each spray. The design complements the fragrance, marrying form and function in a beautiful display.

3. Wearing the Fragrance

JANY de SORA DORA is not for everyday wear but rather shines as an alluring scent for special occasions. It's a social butterfly's best friend, starting conversations with its unique, inviting aura.

While the perfume's warmth makes it ideal for cooler weathers and evening wear, those in hotter climates can still indulge in its gourmand luxury during cooler nights or social events. Its versatility allows it to be appreciated by people of all ages.

The performance is exceptional with a longevity of about 15 hours on the skin and an aroma bubble that is noticeable, yet not overwhelming, leaving an exquisite trail that lasts for days on clothing.

4. Global Availability and Social Media

For fragrance enthusiasts eager to get their hands on JANY de SORA DORA, information and purchasing options are conveniently available through Alejandro's social media platforms and his website, complete with a discount code for an enticing 10% off.

From the social channels, it's evident that this fragrance has garnered international interest with inquiries coming in from diverse locations such as Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Assurance for the intrigued buyers is found in the responsive and engaging community, with Alejandro himself active in sharing purchase advice and providing a real sense of connection to his followers and fellow fragrance lovers.

5. Personalized Recommendations

It seems that Alejandro's reviews are influential, prompting fans to add JANY de SORA DORA to their perfume collections and wish lists, ready for the new year.

Acknowledging different tastes within his audience, Alejandro notes that while JANY de SORA DORA is a must-try for gourmand lovers, it may not appeal as much to those who prefer not to smell like dessert.

For those who can't commit to a full bottle, the engaging community comes together to offer solutions like decants, ensuring that everyone can experience a touch of this gourmand delight.


In this article, we dive into the sumptuous and addictive realm of JANY de SORA DORA, a new gourmand fragrance. Our exploration reveals the scent's creamy, sweet character, showcasing its irresistible dessert-like aroma. The exceptional presentation of the bottle, with its marble-style cap and a frosted touch, leaves us as enchanted as the scent nestled within. Whether you're enveloping yourself for a special occasion or seeking a conversation-starter scent, JANY de SORA DORA is a sensory delight worth savoring. Read ahead for an in-depth indulgence into this gourmand masterpiece.