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I Used ChatGPT on Tinder for 7 Days and This Happened!

By Neo Cheng Vlog     Updated Mar 3, 2024

Ever wondered what happens when artificial intelligence takes the reins of your love life? That's exactly what I explored by letting ChatGPT handle my Tinder account for a week.

1. Kicking Off the AI-Assisted Dating Experience

Setting the stage for the unusual experiment, I tasked ChatGPT with picking a trio of photos — a clear headshot, an action photo, and something candid — to catch potential matches' eyes. Let's note the humor as I grappled with the realization that none of my photos were candid.

Next was the bio. The AI had to transform a rambling life story into an engaging, snappy profile under one hundred words. Despite some initial skepticism regarding its sense of humor and brevity, the bio penned by ChatGPT was put into action.

The experiment was off to a lively start, with friends weighing in on my AI-generated profile, jabs at my taste in music, and ribbing about what constituted a 'good' bio. A healthy mix of laughter and curiosity enveloped the process, leaving me wondering if AI really could be the wingman I never knew I needed.

2. The Swiping Saga and the AI’s Approach

The actual swiping experience ranged from comical banter about profile pictures and bios — think Lord Farquaad references — to pointed critiques about being overly selective. My pals threw in their two cents as I swiped along, bringing jovial energy to the often-monotonous task.

ChatGPT's strategy was methodical, favoring genuine engagement over flashy one-liners. However, the AI wasn't averse to throwing a cheeky pick-up line when prompted. To my surprise, these often worked better than expected, proving that a little sass could go a long way on Tinder.

Despite a few matches that raised red flags, like potential catfish, bots, or promotional profiles, ChatGPT tackled conversations with a smoothness that eventually had me questioning my own chat game. Subtle in its approach, the AI steered the chats toward setting up dates with a finesse I didn't anticipate.

3. Concluding Thoughts and the Prospect of AI Dating

As the seven days wrapped up, the results were mixed but intriguing. Some conversations fizzled, while others led to planned dates. Along the way, I appreciated the effortless banter crafted by ChatGPT, which often felt more sophisticated compared to typical Tinder banalities.

The experiment raised questions about authenticity in dating and whether AI can truly capture the essence of human flirtation. Some matches were taken aback by the eloquence in our message exchanges, wittingly curated by my silicon cupid.

Would I let AI run my dating life again? Perhaps not full-time, but it proved to be a valuable asset and a fascinating conversational partner. It begs the question: in the search for love, could AI be the key to unlocking doors we didn't even know were closed?

4. Mixed Reactions from the Community

One viewer expressed clear disapproval, decrying the use of AI on Tinder as 'garbage' and calling for integrity in dating. The idea of letting a bot navigate such personal interactions sparked some moral indignation.

Conversely, laugher and amusement were common among comments praising the humor and sheer novelty of the concept. The experiment's entertainment value seemed to score points with an audience seeking quirky content.

While some marveled at how I only had a modest following, given the quality of the content, others criticized the artificial nature of the conversations, expressing a preference for authenticity over AI-generated witticisms.

5. Insights on Dating Dynamics

The commentary wasn't just surface-level. Some individuals used the space to discuss racial dynamics in dating, reflecting on their personal challenges with cross-cultural attraction online.

Others aired grievances about the superficiality they encountered on dating apps, endorsing the concept of longer, more thoughtful exchanges, even if AI-influenced, hoping for a break from the parade of lackluster conversations.

Speculation about whether any in-person dates manifested from the virtual exchanges was rife, highlighting skepticism around the translation of digital flirtation to real-life connection.


In a weeklong experiment, I surrendered my Tinder profile to the whims of ChatGPT, letting it select photos, craft my bio, and respond to matches. The outcome was a rollercoaster ride of cringeworthy pick-up lines, surprisingly smooth conversations, and even some date plans. The experience not only challenged the norms of digital dating but also provoked mixed reactions from the online community.