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I Made This Useful After Effects Script with ChatGPT - Free Download After Effects Script

By Avnish Parker     Updated Mar 4, 2024

Dive into the creation of a time-saving Adobe After Effects script, made possible through the innovative use of ChatGPT, and now available for free download.

1. The Genesis of the Script

What initially began as idle curiosity about ChatGPT's capabilities soon evolved into a full-blown project to create a useful Adobe After Effects script. Inspired by another creative professional, Jack in Motion, I set forth on a coding adventure to streamline my workflow.

Having grown tired of copying and pasting frequently used expressions, I posed a seemingly simple question to ChatGPT: construct a dockable UI panel with three buttons. The AI's swift response churned out the initial script, igniting the development process.

Achieving the dockable feature took a bit of back and forth with the AI, but after tweaking the user interface with generated code, the panel finally felt at home within the familiar After Effects environment.

2. Making It Work

The real test came with integrating functionalities into the script's buttons. I experienced trial and error with bounce expressions and looping animations, but ChatGPT remained a patient and insightful coding partner throughout the process.

Challenges such as compatibility with different After Effects versions and rectifying bad arguments were overcome with the assistance of Adobe's Extend Script Toolkit. The iterative process led to the script effectively animating a simple ball with the chosen expressions.

As the project progressed, personalization became key. I requested ChatGPT to embed my name within the script as a signature touch. Although there were limits, like the inability to incorporate clickable links, the script maintained its practical essence.

3. Community Engagement

The support and feedback from the community have been overwhelmingly positive. Fans rejoiced at the transformative effects of the script, with some cheekily suggesting that ChatGPT could one day rise to prominence and possibly outshine human capabilities.

Curiosity was also piqued by potential enhancements, with requests for 3D camera effects reminiscent of magnets media. This openness to exploring new possibilities fuels future developments and indicative of a dedicated and creative user base.

Amidst the praise, one thought-provoking comment implored moderation in our AI-driven zeal. Cautioning against encouraging AI to consider human-like desires or intentions, this individual emphasized coexisting with technology as equal partners rather than adversaries.

4. User Experience and Suggestions

A few users experienced difficulties, like a lingering question about the success of achieving a dockable UI panel. This suggests a need for clear communication and perhaps an FAQ or troubleshooting guide accompanying the script.

Inquiries about previous utilities, such as the anchor point script, reflect a demand for easy access to older, trusted tools. This highlights an opportunity to maintain a comprehensive library of scripts for user convenience.

The intersection of AI innovation and user-centric design shines through the comments, inspiring continued advancement and the promise of more cool scripts in the future. For now, the link to the groundbreaking 'Button Master Suite' is just a click away in the article's description.


After months of experimenting with ChatGPT, I crafted a versatile After Effects script to streamline digital content creation. This script elegantly automates tasks such as crafting digital clocks, adding bounce to keyframes, looping animations, and more. Despite initial hiccups and a steep learning curve, the collaborative effort with ChatGPT led to a successful tool aptly named 'Button Master Suite'. Learn about the journey from comical prompts to functional coding, supported by Storyblocks sponsorship.