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How to use ChatGPT with Google Sheets

By Kevin Stratvert     Updated Mar 2, 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of infusing AI capabilities into Google Sheets, a game-changer for spreadsheet enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our journey today will lead us through the ins and outs of leveraging the power of ChatGPT with Google Sheets, transforming how we handle data, analysis, and reporting.

1. Getting Started with Numerous.ai and Google Sheets

To kick things off, we dive into using the third-party tool Numerous.ai, which teams up with Google Sheets to endow it with AI capabilities. Although Google hasn't baked these features into Sheets yet, Numerous.ai steps in to fill that gap.

You can start using Numerous.ai by simply installing the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. You'll find download links up top or in the video description. Once installed, you can access it through the extensions menu, where a handy sidebar provides guidance for generating functions.

Numerous.ai has a trial period; however, for heavy users, there will be a cost. Each function you create uses tokens, with 60 free tokens provided to start with. If you're wondering what the catch is, it's no secret that this isn't a forever-free ride.

2. Creating Descriptions and Parsing Data

Michael demonstrates the tool’s practicality by generating product descriptions for the Kevin Cookie Company. A simple formula prompts ChatGPT to conjure up lively descriptions with prices included, which he expands across a list of cookies, showcasing the time-saving magic of bulk actions.

Another scenario Michael tackles is extracting customer names from email addresses to personalize responses. He uses the sidebar to craft a formula and then, for clarity, hits it up to demystify how it works, turning techno-babble into plain English.

These examples not only show the tool’s utility but also bubble up its imperfections. ChatGPT isn't flawless—it can stumble on formatting or misplace a symbol. Michael reminds us to always check the AI's work, a smart mix of human oversight with AI efficiency.

3. Sentiment Analysis and Text Summarization

The article further explores sentiment analysis where Michael seeks to categorize customer feedback as positive or negative. Numerous.ai's infer function swiftly categorizes new feedback based on previous examples provided by Michael, exemplifying the adaptability and learning capabilities of AI.

For a hefty block of customer feedback that might be a chewy mouthful to digest, Michael uses a summarize function to break it down into bite-sized bullet points. This not just presents the tool's knack for distillation but also its potential in providing executive summaries for quick decision-making.

As our workday wraps up at the Kevin Cookie Company, these AI-driven accomplishments underscore what these tools are all about—making light work of heavy data and providing insights that can sweeten our business strategies.

4. Discovery and Ease of Use

Some users discovered Numerous.ai's functionalities as a life-saver for accelerating their work, articulating a profound 'why didn't I find this sooner' moment. The blend of AI and Google Sheets is heralded for its potential in making tasks significantly easier and time-efficient.

Questions arise about alternative language models to ChatGPT 3.5, indicating an interest in a more accessible, multilingual tool environment. While the specifics weren't touched upon in the video, it demonstrates a user interest in diverse language support.

The sentiment on discovering this feature blends relief with a sense of urgency to catch up. This kind of integration seems to be a lightbulb moment for many, suddenly illuminating an easier path through the often-tedious world of spreadsheets.

5. Cost and Accessibility Concerns

The token system governing Numerous.ai's service garners attention, with the trial period being limited to seven days, followed by the inevitable footfall—subscription costs. Users highlight this as a roadblock, especially for those seeking to integrate AI on a shoestring budget.

A user's plan to use AI for e-commerce, by generating catalogs in Google Sheets to be ported to WooCommerce, sparks a broader conversation. The query about which module, tool, or AI service would best suit this need underscores the desire for guidance when navigating the variety of options available.

In the landscape of rapidly evolving AI tools, cost and accessibility remain pivotal themes, as users search for the holy grail of robust features, ease of use, and affordability—all bundled into one.

6. Future Prospects and Alternatives

The fascination with combining AI and Google Sheets is palpable, with users keen on learning about other tools offering similar capabilities. This kind of integration is no longer a nice-to-have but quickly becoming an essential feature desired across various software platforms.

Uncertainty brews among some learners and professionals who question the need to master traditional data management tools like Excel, SQL, and R, with the rising prominence of AI. There's a growing realization that the future of data handling may be vastly different from the present scenario, prompting a reevaluation of learning and skill-development priorities.

Exploration into alternatives, be it GitHub CoPilot for organizing emails, or using AI to import data for e-commerce, reveals the broad spectrum of emerging possibilities. As these tools evolve, they continue to reframe how we interact with technology and impact our workflow.


This article provides a comprehensive guide to using ChatGPT with Google Sheets, exploring the integration through the third-party tool Numerous.ai. Despite Google not offering native AI functions within Sheets, this add-on fills the void, allowing users to automate tasks like text summarization, sentiment analysis, data parsing, and more. We walk through the practical use cases experienced by Michael at Kevin Cookie Company and discuss the limitations and cost associated with using Numerous.ai.