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How To Use AI To Find The Next 10x Crypto (Google Bard)

By Crypto Banter     Updated Mar 1, 2024

Crypto investing can be streamlined using AI tools like Google Bard. Explore how to leverage artificial intelligence to assess and discover high-potential crypto projects with ease.

1. Leverage Google Bard for Crypto Analysis

Google Bard AI is transformational for crypto enthusiasts. With tailored prompts, it can sift through mountains of whitepapers rapidly, reducing the time investors spend in the initial stages of research.

By providing project comparisons and summaries, Google Bard offers a structured overview of pros and cons, along with a side-by-side analysis of competing crypto projects, adding a new dimension to the vetting process.

Significantly, the AI isn't just a passive tool; it can proactively suggest potential investments within specific sectors, facilitating discovery and extending your research horizon beyond the known and into the untapped.

2. Combining AI Tools for Informed Decisions

The article doesn't just stop with Google Bard; it introduces KyberAI as another piece of the puzzle. This AI application provides a real-time market alpha, offering insights into on-chain analytics and trading sentiment.

KyberAI's scoring algorithm predicts market movements by analyzing trading volumes, whale activities, and exchange flows, giving traders actionable intelligence and possibly serving as a trigger for timely entry or exit points.

The synergy between Google Bard for qualitative analysis and KyberAI for quantitative insights could offer crypto investors a more holistic view, potentially leading to more robust investment strategies.

3. Skepticism and Praise

Public opinion on using AI like Google Bard in crypto research is mixed. Some call it 'Completely rubbish as it doesn't work,' highlighting concerns about the tool's accuracy and effectiveness.

Conversely, others commend the innovative approach, expressing that the video showcasing the AI's capabilities was appreciated and that it provided interesting insights in phrases like 'Really liked this style video my man 💪'.

This polarized view signals to potential users that while AI can be powerful, it should not be the sole basis of investment decisions. Instead, it should complement thorough independent analysis.

4. Suggestions and Requests

Comments like 'If Binance says, he knows' and 'price goes up every two weeks' reflect the community's desire for guidance from reputed sources and regular market updates.

Users suggest mining alternative cryptocurrencies like 'Crypton in Utopia p2p ecosystem,' indicating a curiosity for newer, perhaps more obscure investments within the digital asset space.

Some comments express a desire for accessibility improvements, as noted in 'Great vid, be good if kyber can provide access quicker,' indicating enthusiasm for expanded use of AI tools like KyberAI but also a hint of impatience for broader availability.


The article provides a comprehensive guide on using Google Bard AI to enhance crypto research, helping investors quickly identify and analyze potential 10x crypto investments. It outlines how to utilize prompts to evaluate projects within specific niches, compare projects based on various metrics, and use supplementary AI tools to inform trading decisions. The piece underscores the importance of AI in expediting the research process while also offering a note of caution regarding the potential for errors and the essentiality of manual research.