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How to Edit Your Videos with FREE Artificial Intelligence | WISECUT Tutorial

By Jorge Holguin - Artificial Intelligence     Updated Mar 3, 2024

Dive into the transformative world of video editing with artificial intelligence – our guide to giving your projects a professional touch using the free and user-friendly WiseCut software.

1. Getting Started with WiseCut

The initial step into AI-powered video editing is simple; search for WiseCut on Google, sign up for a free account, and you're ready to roll. This ease of access makes it welcoming not just for professionals but for novices diving into the editing scene.

WiseCut's intuitive interface ensures you won't be lost in a sea of complex features. From creating a new project to uploading your video file, every step is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly.

To test WiseCut's capabilities without monetary commitment, you're granted 45 minutes of editing time monthly, providing a sandbox to experiment with your content and gauge if WiseCut fits your workflow.

2. AI-Enhanced Editing Features

WiseCut shines with its AI-driven editing tools. Expect it to work magic on your videos by eliminating awkward pauses, adding dynamic cuts, and inserting subtitles automatically.

Beyond cutting dead time, WiseCut's smart framing and background music features bring a layer of polish to your video that echoes professional craftsmanship. Plus, the Auto Duck feature intelligently adjusts music volume during dialogue.

AI may not always be perfect, especially in subtitle generation. But don't fret; WiseCut offers the flexibility to manually adjust any captions or settings, ensuring you still have the final say over your creative output.

3. Finalizing Your Project

After AI has done its initial edit, it's over to you to review and refine. Navigate the storyboard to make necessary tweaks, from subtitle corrections to language translations available in five different options.

WiseCut's music library is royalty-free, so you can switch up the soundtrack with peace of mind. Adjustments are not just limited to audio aspects; video settings can also be revisited to ensure your video's look and feel are just right before you hit export.

Once satisfied, exporting your HD-quality video is just a click away on the free plan. With WiseCut, you're consistently involved, blending AI efficiency with personal craftsmanship for video editing that stands out.

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WiseCut offers a cost-effective and efficient way to edit your video content using the power of artificial intelligence. In this tutorial, we'll explore how WiseCut's AI-driven tools can streamline your editing process—from trimming silences to adding effects—, all to enhance viewer retention with minimal effort.