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House hunting in South Korea is next to impossible! 🏠[ International Couple] πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ‡²πŸ‡³πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

By Brandon and Sora Β Β Β  Updated Feb 25, 2024

Embarking on the challenge of finding a home in South Korea, an international couple dives into the unique and sometimes puzzling world of Korean real estate.

1. The Quest for Two Bathrooms

The mission was clear β€” find a home with two bathrooms. Why? This delightful international duo revealed a humorous yet practical reason: simultaneous bathroom schedules. With a baby on the way, they foresaw their need for separate bathrooms to handle the 'baby-food aftermath,' making this feature a non-negotiable in their house hunt.

This prerequisite led to many moments of laughter and banter as the couple checked various apartments, assessing the bathrooms not just for functionality but survivability after each other's use. The race for the restroom had become an unintended tiebreaker in their decision-making process.

And so, their journey was as much about finding two porcelain thrones, as it was about finding a home. For some, the criteria might seem trivial, but for this couple, it was the heart of domestic bliss and harmony.

2. Surprises in Size and Space

Brandon and Sora, the couple in question, encountered noticeable size constraints in the dwellings they explored. Rooms that barely met their space needs and shoe closets that could rival a small boutique perplexed them. Koreans' innovative use of space in housing evidently posed a puzzle for our house hunters who were more accustomed to open New York condos.

Their walkthroughs of various homes reflected genuine reactions to the variability of modern finishes against impractical layouts. While some homes wowed with their shiny new appliances, they fell short in practical living space, resulting in a no-go for this couple.

Some of their vlog viewers agreed, noting personal preferences for homes that offered not just sunlight and storage but also breathing space. The couple's quest highlighted a truth known to many expats β€” adjusting to housing norms in a new country can be a mind-bending adventure.

3. Viewer Perspectives on the House Tour

The community buzzed with opinions on the couple's hunt. One viewer preferred the third house's spacious design, expressing best wishes for the couple's search. Another requested connections to a trustworthy real estate agent for their own investment goals in South Korea.

Comments also poured in concerning the curious nature of Korean apartment layouts compared to what some may be accustomed to in places like New York. The modern appeal of the interiors was appreciated, but the concern over insufficient closet space was unanimous.

'House 3 was the winner! You should definitely choose that one,' one comment read, signaling shared excitement and involvement in the couple's journey. While tastes differed, the community support was heartwarming, with everyone rooting for the couple's success.

4. Real Estate Assistance Queries

The question of finding an English-speaking real estate agent popped up frequently, echoing the challenges that expats face when navigating the property market in a non-English speaking country. A call for assistance was evident, from online searches to direct requests for recommendations.

One viewer expressed hope for a video that would discuss buying property in Korea as a foreigner, weighing the pros and cons from an outsider's perspective. The underlying theme in these comments was the desire for more accessible information and guidance in the South Korean property landscape.

Amidst the light-hearted discussion on living preferences and humorous quips about bathroom logistics, lay a serious request for support and insight into the complexities of settling down in a foreign country. This pointed to a broader interest in content that demystifies the experience of acquiring property in South Korea.


Finding the perfect home in South Korea can be an uphill battle, especially for international couples accustomed to different layouts and amenities. Our journey through various houses highlighted both the quirks and charms of South Korean housing, ultimately revealing the diverse preferences and necessities of homebuyers.