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Google's PaLM 2: The Underdog in the AI Fray Against ChatGPT

By Explained Briefly     Updated Mar 5, 2024

In the world of AI titans, Google's latest offspring, PaLM 2, steps into the arena, challenging the reigning champ, ChatGPT. Buckle up as we dive into this electrifying face-off.

1. Multilingual Mastery

Unlike its cousin, Google Translate, PaLM 2 doesn't just switch words from one language to another—it understands context and nuance. Imagine chatting with a friend who speaks a hundred languages and never misses a beat. That's PaLM 2's language game.

This multilingual talent shines when it comes to non-English prompts, outperforming ChatGPT across the board. Whether it's Korean, Japanese, or Swahili, PaLM 2 doesn’t just speak your language; it gets you.

Google's big plan? To push Bard, powered by PaLM 2, into the linguistic big leagues by adding 40 more languages by year's end. But without direct access to GPT-4 for a multilingual showdown, we're taking Google's word on this one.

2. Let’s Talk Math and Logic

Where numbers are concerned, PaLM 2 is touted to be a veritable math whiz, especially with its 'chain-of-thought' prompting mojo, which helps it break down brain teasers like an Olympiad champ.

But not so fast—when it comes to high school-level math, our AI mathematician seems to stutter. Both PaLM 2 and GPT-4 show they're not quite ready to take over your math homework entirely, often tripping over more nuanced problems.

Interestingly enough, PaLM 2 reportedly outperforms GPT-4 in select mathematical reasoning tests. But without a direct head-to-head comparison, we'll need to chalk this up to a promising, albeit yet unverified claim.

3. Community Reception

The tech community is abuzz, juggling skepticism with genuine excitement. PaLM 2 has ticked quite a few boxes, yet the question remains: Is it enough to spearhead the next AI revolution?

While experts laud Google’s strategic strides in multilingual support and coding capabilities, many agree it's still early days. Google's innovative testing methods, especially the 'chain of thought' and 'self-consistency' techniques, certainly add a fresh twist to the narrative.

Among the echoes of applause, a critical whisper persists, questioning not just PaLM 2's current capabilities but the broader impact of this technological leap. Will Google Bard and its multilingual arsenal shift the global AI dynamics? Only time will tell.


Google's PaLM 2 has been unleashed, brandishing new tricks up its digital sleeve that might just give ChatGPT a run for its money. From its multilingual prowess to its coding capabilities, we're unpacking what makes PaLM 2 stand out and whether it truly holds a candle to ChatGPT.