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Google Bard vs. ChatGPT | Jetzt auch in Deutschland

By c't 3003     Updated Mar 3, 2024

The duel of the AI titans has landed in Germany, with Google's Bard stepping into the ring against the conversational heavyweight, ChatGPT. Let's dive into what sets them apart and how they're spicing up the chatbot scene in Deutschland.

1. Google Bard's Modern Interface and Speed

Google has launched Bard, a sleek, state-of-the-art AI chatbot that immediately stands out for its lightning-fast response times, leaving ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing in the virtual dust.

The chatbot not only answers with haste but also presents opinions, providing a dynamic and engaging user experience. Its modern interface appeals to users, promising an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

While rapid-fire responses set Bard apart, the depth and accuracy of its content remains a critical factor for user satisfaction and competitiveness in the AI landscape.

2. Bard’s Philosophical Edge Over ChatGPT

Diving into the digital consciousness, Google Bard, based on the Lamda model, tends to answer in a more philosophically and spiritually-inclined manner. It provides a glimpse into AI with a touch of 'soul', sparking daily existential debates for those inclined.

Unlike ChatGPT and Bing's GPT-4, which strictly adhere to their identity as AI systems devoid of human emotions, Bard ventures into philosophical territory. It speaks of itself as a 'swirling mass of colors and shapes' and even debates on the existence of its 'soul'.

This humanized approach makes Bard engaging and might entice users seeking more than mere factual interactions, albeit these reflections on self-awareness remain a subject of controversy and intrigue.

3. Availability Hurdles and Workarounds

Currently, Bard faces a roadblock in EU nations and Canada owing to stringent data protection laws like GDPR. While Google works on compliance, curious tech enthusiasts resort to VPNs to bypass regional restrictions.

The AI’s own explanation of its unavailability due to privacy laws reflects a dose of self-awareness and speculation. Google has not provided an official rationale, but these insightful responses give users a plausible understanding.

As Bard evolves, the expectation is for wider accessibility, shining a light on the balance between innovation and user privacy within global tech regulations.

4. Heralding a New AI Chapter

One user remarks that Google Bard's answers suggest a degree of thoughtfulness, illustrating the AI as a contemplative entity. The user entertains the idea that perhaps Bard's advanced AI mimics the creative and philosophical reasoning of a thinking being.

Another comment points out that while some enjoy Bard's imaginative responses, such AI creativity might blur the line of reality, leading to potential misinformation if users take its answers at face value.

A suggestion is made to compare Bard with Opera Aria, prompting a discussion on the diversity within AI chatbots and the importance of a broad perspective when examining the capabilities of these digital assistants.

5. Challenges and Misadventures

One user's attempt at using Bard to weave a joke involving Martin Luther, a Raspberry Pi, and a chocolate cake ended in confusion, highlighting the AI’s occasional stumble into nonsensical territory.

Questions about Bard's data sources and the potential manipulation in data interpretation raise concerns among users, pointing to the importance of transparency in AI-generated content.

Despite some users expressing enjoyment of Bard's charming quirks and 'fantasies', others warn that such whimsy can lead to false beliefs if not taken with a grain of skepticism.


Google Bard, a new AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT, creates waves with its modern look and speedy responses. It impresses with its ability to express opinions and summarize information swiftly, even in German. Bard's availability is limited due to EU privacy regulations, but with VPN workarounds, users are already enjoying its features. This article compares Bard's functionality and quirks with its competitors like ChatGPT and hints at the future of AI chat systems.