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Google Bard: A Deep Dive and Its Edge Over ChatGPT

By AI学长小林     Updated Mar 3, 2024

Join us as we explore the highly-anticipated AI chatbot, Google Bard, and delve into its capabilities to determine whether it can outshine the prowess of ChatGPT!

1. First Impressions and Access

Lin Bin greets viewers on his channel, 'Lin Bin Speaks,' with an update on his immediate request to try Google Bard at its launch. Despite not receiving any email notifications, he was pleasantly surprised to find access granted as he revisited the official Bard website.

The interface of Bard welcomes users with a simple layout, where the left side hosts essential menus and tools while the conversation window occupies the right. Bard also operates on a free-use basis without a premium version.

A significant difference noted was Bard's approach to saving chat history. Unlike ChatGPT, which methodically stores both questions and responses, Bard retains only the questions asked, which might hinder the review of past interactions.

2. Exploring Bard's Capabilities

Inquiring about Bard's functionalities, Lin Bin highlights Bard's ability to generate text, engage in creative writing, answer questions, and even perform internet searches—an edge over ChatGPT.

Bard promises versatility, ranging from language translations to crafting poems and stories, scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and curating learning materials, displaying a strong potential to assist with both creativity and practical tasks.

However, while testing, it became apparent that this young contender in AI chatbots had its weaknesses. Bard stumbled on a logical reasoning question about the movements of a 'sika deer,' suggesting there's significant room for progress in computational abilities.

3. Comparing Bard and ChatGPT

Lin Bin outlines the key differences between Bard and ChatGPT, emphasizing Bard's integration with the latest updates from the web, potentially offering fresher, more accurate insights on current events.

The unique feature of Bard pulling real-time data from Google searches marks an added advantage, but it does not overshadow ChatGPT's superior logical reasoning and handling of complex computational tasks.

The analogy of Bard as a tech-savvy youngster absorbing current trends contrasts with ChatGPT's image as a seasoned teacher. While Bard briskly evolves, incorporating an array of internet-sourced information, its maturity and precision have yet to match its rival.

4. Public Feedback on Bard's Evolution

One user expressed enthusiasm over Bard's improvement in logical abilities, now correctly answering questions and supporting inquiries in Chinese, even though it still lacks the capability to create visual art.

Queries about the practical usage of Bard, like downloading and operating the chatbot, reflect the public's eagerness to engage hands-on with this new AI tool.

Despite some praise for Bard's language translation and the practicality of its search functions, users note that when it comes to writing style and eloquence, Google Bard does not quite match ChatGPT's finesse.

5. Technical Insights and User Experiences

A curious learner sought guidance about identifying add-ons used during the trial, possibly to enhance interaction with English-only Bard through real-time translation.

An intriguing conversation surfaced regarding ChatGPT's capability to recognize images, prompting questions about how this feature was executed and whether Bard might offer similar functionalities.

The shared enthusiasm and critical observations from users who have accessed Bard or are eagerly awaiting their turn provide valuable perspectives on the communal exploration of this emerging technology.


After extensive testing and interaction with Google Bard, it's clear that while the tool shows promise with some unique features like internet connectivity for the latest information, it still has room for growth, especially when compared to the mature and refined capabilities of ChatGPT.