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Google AI Experiment | Google Bard

By TRAQ INVESTOR     Updated Mar 1, 2024

Just recently, Google launched a test flight for its AI-powered search engine named Google Bard. This first peek is open exclusively to test pilots in the United States and the United Kingdom. Let's explore this tech marvel designed to boost our digital quests.

1. Experiencing Google Bard

Upon trialing Google Bard at bard.google.com, one gets a sense of its thoughtful nature. Unlike Chat GPT, Bard appears to ponder before dispensing a richly detailed response.

Google Bard touts the talent to whip up various written pieces, from emails to music. It boasts internet search fluency and translation prowess, akin to having a bilingual whiz kid at your fingertips.

Navigating through the beta reveals Bard's capability of meticulous research, pulling insights from across the web to answer queries with a polished, comprehensive response.

2. Google Bard vs. New Bing

When asked, Google Bard draws up a comparison with Microsoft's New Bing, distinguishing itself with a keen focus on streamlining online search rather than excelling in creative composition.

It seems that while Bard might not don the creative cap as confidently as other AIs, it shines in simplifying the hunt for information, which remains its core strength.

Despite minor hiccups in language translation where it entangled languages, Google's vision is clear: Bard seeks to go beyond mere word-for-word translation to grasp the nuances of language.

3. The Testing Ground

Google Bard shows promise when providing structured, clear-cut answers, like shedding light on the smart home concept in an organized yet concise manner.

It even demonstrated an understanding of tricky questions. Unlike its predecessor, it swiftly deduced the 'Ahmed's mother' riddle, showcasing its grasp on context.

Yet, it stumbled in areas like channel knowledge, spitting out answers that were hit-or-miss. It's a reminder that Bard, while adept, is still honing its digital wisdom.

4. Very Useful

Google's newest AI kid on the block is coming across as very useful, particularly in making the online search experience more seamless and less of a digital scavenger hunt.

Although still a beta with kinks to work out, Bard presents potential users with a taste of an AI that, with time, could transform the web searching game entirely.

With a promise of being user-friendly, like all Google products, and integrated with the vast ocean of Google services, Bard has the potential to be a strong contender in the world of AI search engines.


Google Bard, the brand new AI experiment from Google, steps into the arena to redefine how we search online. Available in beta in America and Britain, it promises a conversational search experience, where users can get answers as if they're chatting with a human. While it's still fine-tuning its capabilities, including content generation and internet searches, it doesn't quite match the flair of conversational AIs like Chat GPT in creative writing. Yet, it aims to excel at making online information discovery more intuitive and seamless.