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Exploring Isabela's Alternate Reality Through Song in Encanto Animatic by MilkyyMelodies

By MilkyyMelodies     Updated Feb 29, 2024

Dive into Isabela's inner turmoil revealed in an alternate universe animatic of Encanto's potent song 'What Else Can I Do?' created by the YouTube artist MilkyyMelodies.

1. The Struggle of Conforming to Expectations

In the animated depiction, Isabela grapples with the immense pressure to be the perfect bride on her wedding day, mirroring emotions that many can relate to.

The lyrics and imagery in the animatic illustrate her internal conflict, expressing the weight of doing something purely out of obligation rather than true desire.

Isabela's courage in potentially challenging family traditions acts as a metaphor for personal growth, even under the scrutiny of others.

2. Artistic Interpretation and Visual Storytelling

MilkyyMelodies' animatic brings a fresh perspective to Isabela's story, amplifying the emotional stakes through vivid animation and expressive music.

The nuances in the artwork cleverly depict Isabela's evolving emotions, from the stifling fear of breaking convention to the liberating prospect of embracing who she truly wants to be.

As the animatic unfolds, viewers are drawn into Isabela's world, sympathizing with her plight and rooting for her self-discovery and autonomy.

3. A Spectrum of Emotions Resonates with Viewers

Audiences have praised the animatic for its heartrending depiction of Isabela's struggle, finding a balance between beauty and sorrow in the storytelling.

The song's powerful lyrics and MilkyyMelodies' creative vision have left many with goosebumps, highlighting the deep emotional resonance of the piece.

Fans have expressed their empathy for Isabela, relating her fictional circumstances to real-world experiences of forced conformity and the yearning for self-expression.

4. Appreciation for Nuanced Details

Viewers are captivated by the intricacies embedded within the animatic, such as the subtle expressions of other characters reacting to Isabela's situation.

MilkyyMelodies has received thanks for including details like Dolores' sadness and the looming presence of Casita, which enrich the emotional landscape of the narrative.

Such artistic choices have not only heightened the depth of the animation but have also prompted audiences to celebrate the creator's meticulous attention to detail in weaving a multifaceted tale.


Isabela's alternate universe storyline in the 'Encanto' animatic produced by MilkyyMelodies resonates with viewers. The song 'What Else Can I Do?' encapsulates her struggle against familial expectations. Fans are captivated by the emotional depth and artistic expression, finding both beauty and heartbreak in Isabela's journey.