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Enjoying a Panoramic Open-Air Bath and Luxurious Breakfast at The 358 SORA!

By Taiyama / Fukuoka Trip     Updated Feb 25, 2024

Nestled within Fukuoka Island City, The 358 SORA offers guests an unforgettable experience complete with breathtaking views, Japanese elegance, and culinary delights.

1. Seamless Arrival

Greetings! I'm Taiyama, and today, I embarked on a blissful retreat to The 358 SORA. Just a 30-minute bus ride away from Hakata Station, I reveled in the ease of a direct route with no transfers required.

Arriving in the newly developed Teruha district, where the cityscape is dotted with sparse apartments, The 358 SORA stands out with its elegance.

Stepping into the hotel, which is part of the esteemed Yazuya Group and launched in November 2020, I was greeted by an inviting restaurant on the ground floor and whisked away to the front desk on the 13th floor, where stunning views awaited.

2. Japanese Premium Room

I was escorted to a spacious Japanese Premium room, adorned with tatami mats that invited me to walk around barefoot and bask in the natural light pouring in through the generous windows.

Every convenience was at hand, from an electric kettle and a tea set beside the closet to a mini-refrigerator tucked neatly underneath.

The room's thoughtful amenities included a welcoming wooden box filled with essentials like razors, body towels, toothbrushes, and hair ties. I even made a game of counting the ample outlets - seven in total - ensuring all my electronic needs were met.

3. Culinary Pleasures

Dining at The 358 SORA was a gastronomic adventure, starting with a course meal featuring a delightful appetizer potato salad followed by scrumptiously tender steak for the main course, and complemented by a refreshing duo of matcha and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I reveled in the gentle night breeze from the terrace and gazed upon a beautifully illuminated night view, relishing the serene ambience.

Breakfast was a feast for the senses with a buffet-style spread allowing me to pick and choose favorites served in quaint 'masu' boxes. The dashi-chazuke was particularly savory, and I ended the meal with fresh fruit sourced directly from Veggie Stadium.

4. Breathtaking Relaxation

The hotel's public bath on the 10th floor was a sanctuary of relaxation, boasting a spacious area to unwind, complete with a free massage chair and an endless selection of manga.

Post-bath, guests are treated to free popsicles, an endearing touch. For those wanting to stay active, a training room with day-time views is available.

Privacy is respected for all guests; those with tattoos can enjoy a family bath experience, ensuring every visitor's comfort and enjoyment.

5. Overall Impressions

The 358 SORA presented an indulgent escape with its unique blend of traditional Japanese hospitality and contemporary comforts.

The attention to detail across all services provided a level of care that made my stay special, from the room's amenities to the remarkable dining experiences.

Whether it's soaking in the open-air bath with panoramic views or savoring a luxurious breakfast, my stay was a testament to the fine reputation of The 358 SORA. It was, without a doubt, a very satisfying hotel stay.


My recent stay at The 358 SORA in Fukuoka was nothing short of spectacular. From the ease of getting there to the luxurious amenities and delectable dining options, I was thoroughly impressed. This article recounts my experience from the stunning panoramic views to the comforting embrace of traditional tatami rooms.