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Discovering Fukuoka's Hidden Paradise Hotel: A Superb Stay at The358 SORA

By 360camera Japan Journeys by CHAKKA-MAN     Updated Feb 27, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Fukuoka lies a hidden gem of luxury and comfort, The358 SORA, offering an unparalleled hospitality experience. With its spacious and stylish accommodations, this hotel is rapidly becoming a must-visit destination for travelers seeking sophistication and relaxation.

1. Spacious and Stylish Rooms

Stepping into the accommodations at The358 SORA, one immediately notices the generous space and modern decor. The room's design harmoniously blends comfort with style, ensuring a relaxing environment for guests.

Each room fosters a sense of cleanliness and order, equipped with amenities that cater to both leisure and business travelers, ensuring a pleasant stay regardless of the trip's purpose.

The attention to detail extends to the sleep experience, with beds boasting excellent support and cushioning, and featuring high-quality mattresses that invite a night of restful slumber.

2. Bathing Bliss

The bathing facilities at The358 SORA are a highlight, offering a spacious setting with multiple washing stations. This is designed to accommodate several guests without feeling crowded, ensuring a relaxing and hygienic experience.

Guests can unwind in the open-air baths and saunas, which are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall feeling of tranquility and luxury during the stay.

After enjoying the baths, the relaxation area welcomes guests with free massage chairs and a selection of manga, providing a cozy atmosphere to chill out and indulge in some light entertainment.

3. Culinary Exploration

Before arriving at the hotel, we visited Tempura Hirao, a renowned Hakata gourmet restaurant. Even at an early hour, the place was bustling, showcasing its popularity and hinting at an authentic local dining experience.

The restaurant offers a full menu with the option to purchase extra tempura tickets while waiting. We indulged in freshly fried tempura, including a specialty of salted squid, which set a high bar for the rest of our Fukuoka culinary adventures.

Satiated from a delicious meal, we set out for The358 SORA, eager to see if the hotel's offerings would continue the trend of impressive experiences started by our first taste of Fukuoka's gastronomy.

4. Accessibility and Location

The lone detriment to The358 SORA's appeal is its less-than-ideal access, being a bit distant from public transportation hubs. However, the hotel counters this with thoughtful offerings like a free shuttle bus service.

For those who opt to drive, the hotel is just a 20-minute journey from Hakata station, mitigating the location concerns and ensuring easy access to Fukuoka's main areas.

After exploring different transportation options, including a shared bicycle service which offered a swift 15-minute ride, it's clear that The358 SORA compensates for its access issues with conveniences that ensure guests can still navigate Fukuoka with ease.


The358 SORA in Fukuoka provides a seamless blend of elegance and convenience, making it a top-tier choice for discerning guests. Its clean, spacious, and well-equipped rooms set the stage for a memorable stay. While not a hot spring, the large bathing area with a sauna, open-air baths, and relaxing after-bath space complete with manga and massage chairs adds a touch of indulgence to the experience.