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Crafting Quizzes in Moodle with AI - Bard

By Carlos Rodriguez     Updated Feb 28, 2024

In today's fast-paced educational environment, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline processes is becoming increasingly common. One such application is the use of AI to construct quizzes in Moodle, a popular learning management system.

1. Setting the Stage for AI-Enhanced Quiz Creation

First things first, to kick things off, you'll need to be in editing mode in Moodle to create your quiz. The quiz setup starts with a standard entry––titling your quiz and providing a brief description of what it encompasses.

Navigating to the quiz content, it's now your turn to begin adding questions. You have the choice of manually entering questions, pulling from a pre-existing question bank, or selecting random questions from a specified category.

Traditionally, questions would be imported from various file formats, a method that's been tried-and-tested by educators for creating robust quizzes. This is where it gets lively; we'll soon jazz things up by introducing Bard to the equation.

2. Summoning the Power of Bard for Question Generation

To employ Bard, you'd start by uploading a PDF containing your content to Google Drive and make it shareable to fetch the link. With the link in hand, we consult Bard, asking it to provide a three-paragraph summary of the document, which Bard presents with efficiency.

But let's take things up a notch. After receiving the summary, turn to Bard again and instruct it to reformulate your quiz questions. You can dictate the format—each question followed by the correct answer and several distractors, made suitably challenging to keep students on their toes.

Ensure that the format aligns with the Aiken model, which is widely recognized in quiz construction for its simplicity and compatibility with learning platforms. Bard takes center stage, generating questions and answers while you sit back and keep an eye out for its creative variety.

3. Seamlessly Integrating AI-Created Questions into Moodle

With your AI-crafted questions at the ready, copy them into a plain text file to avoid formatting hitches—a crucial step for a smooth import into Moodle. Save the file with a clear label, prepping it for its grand entrance into the Moodle question bank.

When importing into Moodle, choose the Aiken format and locate your question file. If Bard's AI magic was performed correctly, the import will run like clockwrench. In case of errors, Moodle will give a heads-up, but let's remain optimistic about our AI collaborator.

Once the import celebrates success, you'll see the list of questions neatly tied to your question bank. From there, you can add them to the quiz, adjust the point values as needed, and take a sneak peek with 'Preview' to ensure everything is tickety-boo before your students dive in.

4. Gauging the Bard-Enhanced Quiz Building Experience

It's essential to get down to brass tacks and meticulously review the questions Bard conjured up. Keep a sharp eye, as Bard may sometimes opt for 'all of the above' answers, which might not always hit the nail on the head for your quiz.

With the questions Bard generated, mix up the response options within Moodle, no sweat. This way, the quiz stays fresh and challenging, ensuring that each student's experience is as unique as the next.

Once you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's, your quiz is ready to go live. And just like that, you've harnessed the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to build a quiz from a PDF, using Bard as your backstage crew. Give it a whirl and share your experience—I'm all ears!

5. The Takeaway from the AI Quiz Crafting Adventure

To wrap it up, using AI like Bard to assemble Moodle quizzes is a game-changer, showing how technology can uplift education. While it requires a keen eye to fine-tune, the process is a considerable time-saver and promotes innovative assessment designs.

Don't be shy to put this approach through its paces and remember, practice makes perfect. Let the experience be your guide as you navigate the new waters of AI-driven education. Until next time, happy quizzing!


This article delves into the innovative approach of using Google's AI, Bard, to create a question bank for quizzes in Moodle. By utilizing Bard's capabilities to summarize content and generate questions in a specific format, educators can expedite the quiz creation process and ensure comprehensive assessment tools.