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Cockfight: A Lesson from Turkey-Dad Bard

By Lebenshof Auenland     Updated Mar 1, 2024

Dive into the intriguing world of the pecking order as we explore 'Hahnenkampf - eine Lehrstunde von Puter-Papa Bard', a tale of turf wars and life lessons in the poultry universe.

1. Relaxing Advice from Frodo

In the sultry days of summer, Frodo the wise suggests staying as relaxed as can be.

Free of stress, there's always room for a cuddle - a lesson in keeping the peace even when the temperature rises.

Frodo's advice is mirrored by the animals' behavior, illustrating the necessity of maintaining composure under the sun's relentless gaze.

2. Observations from the Pen

While the little chicks rush about, our turkey family has a busy schedule with much to do, from a big family stroll to the simple act of eating.

A glance out the window offers a world of sights, especially for those who enjoy the luxury of being petted.

Reflecting the sense of urgency and curiosity in farm life, these moments offer a snapshot of the bustling poultry world.

3. Lessons in Hierarchy: The Turkey's Approach

Our narrative takes a turn when a little chicken, suspected to be a rooster, is caught and dragged away by a young turkey.

It's not long before parental intervention comes into play, and the little rooster scampers away - a tussle that doesn't escape the watchful eye of dad turkey.

With a few firm stomps on the ground, Papa Bard decisively puts the little challenger in his place, teaching a lesson in respect and pecking order.

4. Cooling Off and Winding Down

As the dust settles from the brief skirmish, everyone finds their way to relax - even Papa Bard enjoys a soothing sand bath.

Humans, take note: a cold wet towel on the back of the neck and plenty of water can work wonders in the heat.

As night falls, we're reminded of the simple joys: a slice of cool melon, a gathering under a walnut tree, and a peaceful night's sleep.

5. Viewer Reflections

One viewer expressed that the video was extremely calming, saying it 'brings one right down,' and highlighting the endearing nature of the animals.

Others shared the sentiment, with phrases of gratitude like 'Danke fürs Mitnehmen' and expressions of love for all the creatures featured.

One particularly touching comment described the experience as breathing in joy and continuously improving one's version of humanity, inspired by the life shared with the animals on the farm.

6. Emotional Connection

The video resonates with viewers on an emotional level, described as a 'Volltreffer' — a direct hit to the heart.

Frodo, Rosi, and the turkey family have especially carved out a place in the hearts of the audience, with the antics of the little ones described as 'grossartig' - which translates to 'great' or 'marvelous.'

Gratitude for the pleasant experience pours in through comments, completing the narrative of a day filled with simple pleasures and life's serene moments.


Morale and order among poultry are maintained in fascinating ways. Puter-Papa Bard, a wise old turkey, takes center stage in this narrative. His insights and the habits of other farm animals during the heat offer us a slice of farm life filled with humor, wisdom, and nature's own rhythm.