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ChatGPT x Power BI | Use ChatGPT to Analyze Data in Power BI | TUTORIAL

By Some Guy Named Chris     Updated Mar 3, 2024

Harness the power of ChatGPT within Power BI to delve deeper into your data analytics. This guide presents a step-by-step tutorial on integrating these powerful tools to supercharge your data analysis capabilities.

1. Setting Up Your Power BI Environment

We kick off by launching Power BI and starting from scratch. With a simple dataset comprising categories like bikes, drains, and computers along with quantity, we can visualize data in a grid to prepare for ChatGPT's magic.

Chris emphasizes the simplicity of this initial step, ensuring that users of any expertise can follow along. This groundwork is crucial as it lays the foundation for integrating ChatGPT effectively.

The process includes adding the data into Power BI and setting up a basic visual that will assist us in later steps. Although this seems like a rudimentary step, it is a vital part of the integration process.

2. Integrating ChatGPT with Power Automate

Next, we shift into Power Automate to craft a flow that will connect with ChatGPT. Opting for an instant cloud flow, Chris walks you through setting up the necessary connectors and actions, focusing on clear, straightforward instructions.

Acquiring an API key from OpenAI for ChatGPT is a critical step. Chris shows that this key is instrumental in facilitating the connection between Power BI and ChatGPT through Power Automate.

Building this bridge involves configuring HTTP requests with appropriate headers and body content to communicate with ChatGPT. Configuring payload sizes and structuring the request properly are crucial to ensure seamless data transfer.

3. Fetching Insights from ChatGPT

Once the flow is ready, the tutorial proceeds with how to trigger ChatGPT to analyze the data and return its findings. This involves Pushing data to a real-time dataset in Power BI and setting up API-driven streaming.

Chris also explains the importance of enabling direct query for Power BI datasets to facilitate this connection. After a flow is successfully triggered, insightful analytics are returned from ChatGPT and displayed right within Power BI.

Adapting the flow to ask specific questions to ChatGPT about the dataset demonstrates how adaptable and interactive this integration can be. Chris suggests experimenting with different prompts to extract varying levels of analysis and insights.

4. Common Obstacles and Solutions

Some users encounter difficulties such as not seeing Power BI data in the HTTPS action or experiencing JSON parsing errors. Chris addresses these by providing step-by-step guidance and troubleshooting tips.

Questions about necessity for a paid ChatGPT plan for API functionality are common. Chris advises viewers to review their plan and billing details since certain features may require a premium subscription.

Concerns regarding whether ChatGPT can handle complex mathematics, which is crucial for data analysis, are also addressed. Chris notes that while ChatGPT may have limitations, pairing it with code for calculations can yield impressive results.

5. Extensions and Enhancements

Viewers seek advice on customizing the integration to suit specific needs, like adding dropdown triggers or handling firewall restrictions. Chris encourages personalizing the flow and finding workarounds for corporate limitations.

There's also an interest in taking the integration further, such as having ChatGPT create or modify Power BI visuals based on vague instructions. Chris touches on the potential for future tutorials that could cover these advanced topics.

Visualizing the integration's potential, like parsing dynamic content in R Visuals or troubleshooting the 'messages' error in Power Automate, Chris guides users through these challenges while encouraging experimentation and optimization.


In today's data-driven world, integrating advanced AI with business intelligence tools can lead to more insightful analytics. This tutorial highlights how ChatGPT can be used in tandem with Power BI to not only analyze complex datasets but to also potentially improve upon existing analytic workflows.