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ChatGPT Flips the Trading Game: Crafting a Bot in 5 Minutes Flat

By Trading with DaviddTech     Updated Mar 4, 2024

Welcome to the digital age of trading, where artificial intelligence like ChatGPT not only offers guidance but builds efficient trading bots in a snap. Starting a journey into automated trading with TradingView just got a lot less daunting and a lot more exciting.

1. Building Blocks of a Trading Bot

The first step in the trading bot genesis is selecting your go-to indicators on TradingView—whether classic moving averages or intricate proprietary signals. Then, it's about giving these indicators superpowers with some code wizardry.

By leveraging a TradingView feature called 'boilerplate,' ChatGPT enables you to backtest indicators, establish entry and exit criteria, and integrate bot connectivity. It's like transforming your car into a Transformer; a regular indicator becomes an autobots, ready to trade!

The final touch is connecting the dots—a dash of code customization from the ChatGPT to ensure that your bot's blips on the radar (your chosen indicators) spark some trading action. Blink, and you've got yourself a fully operational trading bot.

2. Experiencing the Botify Effect

Nicknamed 'Botify,' this tool built into TradingView is where the magic happens. After inputting your preferred indicators and configuring bot settings, Botify churns your trading strategy into backtesting results and potential profits.

Customize your trading elements like stop-loss levels or take-profit orders. Add complexity or keep it simple—the choice is yours. Feeling adventurous? Botify can handle various indicators and strategies, from Keltner Channels to Bollinger Bands.

Now for the grand finale: connecting your finely tuned trading bot to handle real deals. Platforms like Bybit can integrate with Botify through a secure API, putting your automated trading strategy to work. You're not just prepared; you're in the driver's seat, ready to race.

3. Community Buzz and Queries

Strapped in your seat yet? The trading world is taking note, and the excitement is palpable. Enthusiasts are exploring the possibilities, while beginners are looking for the starting line. There's chatter about Botify availability, the use of Forex with Trigger trade, and how to stride from simulated to live trades.

From seasoned traders to foreign novices with big dreams and humble savings, everyone's interested in this financial automation. People discuss brokerage connections, channel memberships, and even the spiritual worth of material wealth—a diverse but riveted audience indeed.

Doubts do surface, though, as some ask for evidence of Botify's successes and clarification on how to ride this wave. Yet amidst the skeptics, glowing testimonials cheer on the platform, revealing successes with prop firm challenges and satisfaction with new trading horizons.


In this article, we dive into how traders are leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities to create a custom trading bot within TradingView in mere minutes. This not only democratizes algorithmic trading but also opens up new avenues for backtesting, optimizing, and executing trades—all with a few clicks and some clever coding.