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ChatGPT Created a Full Online Course With Slides in Minutes!

By Corey McClain     Updated Feb 28, 2024

Are you stumped on how to turn your expertise into an online course? Discover how ChatGPT can streamline the process, creating engaging course content and slides swiftly.

1. Outlining the Course

Imagine mapping out the backbone of your online course in a snap. By feeding ChatGPT our desired module count and the course title 'How to Create an Online Course', the AI briskly outlines nine comprehensive modules covering all bases from introduction to monetization.

To tailor each module, we prompt ChatGPT to break down the content into three digestible steps, ensuring that learners can follow along effortlessly. The AI serves up a triad of action steps such as research, outline, and planning that cement a sturdy foundation for the course.

With the blueprint in hand, we scour over the proposed modules and action steps. This crucial review validates the content's logic and sequential flow, guaranteeing that the course outline resonates with both the creator's vision and the learner's journey.

2. Generating the Course Slides

With the outline fleshed out, the next magic trick is transforming it into visually enticing slides. Copying the main points from ChatGPT into a Google Sheet primes us for import into Canva's presentation builder with the click of a button.

To morph textual content into a coherent slide presentation, we leverage Canva's features, duplicating and adjusting elements to suit our course's branding. This step breathes life into the raw information ChatGPT provided, with flexibility to add multimedia elements as needed.

After connecting our Google Sheet to Canva, we use the 'bulk create' feature to automatically populate template slides with our content. Instantly, a suite of slides appears, each featuring a key bullet point, ready for further customization and visual flair.

3. Efficiency and Clarity

One content creator expresses gratitude for the clear, straightforward instructions that made starting their online course a breeze. They appreciate the direct approach which stripped away any complexity.

Another user, Melissa K., voices her dismay at not having discovered this method sooner. She's considering a do-over of her current outline to integrate these newfound strategies, illustrating the potential impact and ease of use when leveraging ChatGPT for such tasks.

The simplicity and practicality of the instructions are universally praised, prompting users to acknowledge a newfound eagerness to dive into course creation without the daunting workload it once implied.

4. Troubleshooting and Support

"Hi Corey! I'm stuck on the excel spreadsheet for some reason my computer does not allow me to save the doc as CSV..." pleads a user battling technical issues. This highlights the need for guidance and tech support in the otherwise smooth process.

Queries ranging from how to convert a book into a course to seeking one-on-one assistance unfold in the comments. This showcases the community's desire for personalization and additional support in their unique course creation journey.

A few skeptics also chime in, cautioning against solely relying on automated outputs for quality education content. They underscore the importance of human touch, suggesting that without it, creators might face dissatisfied customers and damaging refunds.


With the combined power of ChatGPT and an additional automated tool, crafting a comprehensive online course has never been easier or faster. Within minutes, the system can outline a full course complete with structured modules, actionable steps, and even quiz and assessment ideas. This breakthrough method not only saves valuable time but also potentially sets the stage for a flagship course that epitomizes your knowledge and brand.