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ChatGPT 4: Aktywacja Nowości w ChatGPT Plus Po Polsku

By NetGonet     Updated Feb 29, 2024

ChatGPT 4, an advanced artificial intelligence model, recently unveiled new features that are creating ripples across various fields, from education to programming. This article explores how to activate these features in the Polish version of ChatGPT Plus and dives into the transformative potential they possess.

1. Expansive Word Context Processing

ChatGPT 4 marks a significant upgrade with its ability to understand and process text inputs up to 25,000 words long, compared to its predecessor’s 3,000-word limit. This increased word limit allows for more complex and detailed conversations, enhancing its usefulness in more demanding applications.

This improvement opens up new possibilities for users to engage with the AI, allowing for the exploration of extensive narratives, legal documents, or educational material without the constraints of previous versions.

The expanded context processing capability is a game-changer for students and professionals alike who require in-depth analysis and generation of text-based content.

2. Superior Test-Solving Abilities

ChatGPT 4 excels at solving tests, and it has showcased impressive results on various top-notch American exams, including challenging legal tests. This advancement is indicative of the AI's sophisticated understanding and application of domain-specific knowledge.

The AI's application extends to educational assistance in platforms such as Duolingo and Khan Academy, where it functions as an aid that tackles complex learning challenges, thus enhancing the educational experience for students across the globe.

Such capabilities hint at a future where AI could potentially become an indispensable resource for exam preparation and a tool for evaluating educational content with remarkable accuracy.

3. Innovative Image Analysis and Code Generation

One of the intriguing features demonstrated in ChatGPT 4 is its ability to analyze images and generate descriptions or create dishes from a set of ingredients shown in a photo, indicating a new horizon in multimodal AI applications.

Additionally, ChatGPT 4 can ambitiously generate the code for a website based on a simple hand-drawn sketch, promising a revolutionary tool for developers and designers to rapidly prototype and build digital solutions.

While these functions are currently under testing and not yet available to the general public, their potential illustrates a future where AI could assist and even automate various creative and technical tasks.

4. Public Concerns and Expectations

The community has voiced both excitement and reservations about the new AI developments. While some envision ChatGPT 4 as a tool to enhance creativity and solve complex problems, others fear job displacement and the loss of human intellectual engagement.

Questions have also been raised about the AI's ability to handle intricate tasks, such as financial document analysis or generating accurate, reliable information based on widely available Internet knowledge—areas where the previous versions were not completely foolproof.

Despite these concerns, the advancements demonstrated by ChatGPT 4 herald an era of AI that promises to redefine current limitations, which also calls for a balanced and ethical approach to its integration into society.

5. Practical Implications for Professionals

Architects and other professionals are considering novel ways to integrate ChatGPT into their work, seeing its potential to streamline operations and offer innovative solutions.

However, as the full capabilities of image analysis and interactive learning are yet to be released, practical application in these fields remains speculative. Users eagerly await these features to unlock the complete toolset of ChatGPT 4.

Meanwhile, there is a palpable buzz on how ChatGPT 4 can be leveraged for business and marketing, personal learning, and various creative endeavours, highlighting the broad scope of this technology.


With the introduction of ChatGPT 4, the artificial intelligence landscape has significantly evolved, presenting an expanded word context processing ability, enhanced test-solving capabilities, and groundbreaking new functionalities including image analysis and code generation from sketches. Although these features aren't available to users yet, they signify a leap forward in AI technology. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these innovations and guide you through the steps to harness the full potential of ChatGPT 4 by upgrading to ChatGPT Plus in Polish.