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C贸mo Usar La Nueva IA de Google GEMINI BARD / Tutorial Completo 2024

By TecnoMente IA 聽聽聽 Updated Feb 28, 2024

Welcome to the definitive guide on using Google's advanced new artificial intelligence system, GEMINI BARD. Delve into a comprehensive tutorial highlighting the multimodal capabilities of GEMINI鈥攜our gateway to integrating visuals, audio, and text effortlessly into AI-driven tasks.

1. Getting Started with GEMINI BARD

To begin, click the link provided in the video description to access the GEMINI BARD page. Here, you'll start with a trial period. After agreeing to the terms, you'll continue on to the next step of your AI journey.

Once you've reached the interface, you'll need to activate your GEMINI BARD account in English. Although these AI programs initially launch with an English version, a Spanish version is just around the corner.

Navigate to your Google account settings to change your language preference to English, saving your selection and refreshing the BARD page for optimal functionality.

2. Integrating GEMINI Extensions

Next, head to the extensions tab to acquaint yourself with GEMINI BARD's unique ability to connect with various Google apps like YouTube or Google Maps in response to your specific prompts.

Upon selecting 'Show me more,' follow through the process to connect your extensions. Ensure that essential Google Workspace tools such as Drive and Gmail are toggled on for GEMINI BARD's usage.

With the extensions configured, you're all set to explore the true potential of GEMINI BARD as it drastically enhances the AI interaction experience.

3. Conversational Interface and Commands

Dive into a new conversation on the top left. Here, you'll encounter three distinct sections鈥'Understand,' 'Create,' and 'Explore'鈥攅ach offering suggestions and prompts to start off with.

GEMINI BARD can provide a tailored experience, whether you're seeking up-to-date YouTube videos or solutions to gaming issues. It presents accurate, ready-to-use information, including direct links when necessary.

Remember that conversations are processed by human reviewers to further improve BARD. Keep this in mind to ensure your privacy and to safeguard sensitive data.

4. Harnessing GEMINI BARD for Multimedia Tasks

GEMINI BARD is designed to make the most of multimedia inputs. For example, asking it to find the latest on AI conferences on YouTube will bring up relevant results, demonstrating the AI's keen understanding of your request.

The AI easily handles tasks involving your emails or mapping routes in Google Maps, showcasing the seamless integration of extensions to provide comprehensive assistance.

Lastly, GEMINI BARD's code creation capabilities are immense. Requesting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for building a Tic Tac Toe game, for instance, results in BARD producing the necessary code snippets in seconds.

5. Multilingual Functionality and Translation

While the AI currently operates in English, giving prompts in Spanish is not an issue; GEMINI BARD understands and responds effectively whether you use English or Spanish commands.

Simply type or speak your prompt in Spanish, and GEMINI BARD will process it. If you need the output in Spanish, a quick translation command will get you the information in the language of your choice.

This flexibility ensures that even if you're a Spanish speaker, you can fully utilize the power of GEMINI BARD without missing a beat.

6. From GPT-4 to GEMINI Ultra: A Leap Forward

The evolution from GPT-4 to GEMINI Ultra represents a significant step up. GEMINI not only excels in multimodal language understanding but also surpasses human experts in tasks that test AI's comprehension and problem-solving skills.

A comprehensive comparison table between GPT-4 and GEMINI Ultra, detailed in the article, shows the robust capabilities of Gemini Ultra. The link to this resourceful comparison is included in the video description for your convenience.

With three model sizes鈥擴ltra, Pro, and Nano鈥擥EMINI caters to different needs, from demanding complex tasks to more scaled, efficient on-device operations that ensure the right fit for your specific AI requirements.


In this article, we unravel the steps to effectively utilize Google GEMINI BARD, a cutting-edge AI model that seamlessly processes diverse modes of input such as text, images, videos, and audio. This extensive guide covers setting up your GEMINI BARD account, tailoring language settings, utilizing integrated applications, and exploring the multifaceted functionalities that surpass its predecessors like GPT-4.