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Bringing Your Black Desert Character to Life with AI

By Chris Poli     Updated Mar 5, 2024

Ever fantasized about your video game characters having a voice of their own? Now, it's not just in the realm of fantasy. With the magic of A.I, your Black Desert Online (BDO) avatars can talk! Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

1. Step into the World of A.I Avatars

It all starts at studio.d-id.com - a beacon of hope for Black Desert players dreaming of more immersive gameplay. Creating an account is your golden ticket into this world.

Once logged in, you're free to experiment with this innovative tool. The catch? You've got 20 credits on a trial plan. Think of it as your sampler platter of A.I. magic.

Choose a presenter, upload a photo of your character (the closer to human-like, the better!), type your script, and select a voice. It's that simple. And, if you're feeling extra, why not upload your voice?

2. Your Character, Now Vocal

After customization comes the moment of truth. Hit the 'Generate Video' button and watch as the platform breathes life into your character.

Not everything might be perfect on the first go. For instance, some characters, like the adorable Shai, might end up with a not-so-proportionate mouth size. But that's the charm of A.I. experimentation!

Download your masterpiece, and there you have it – your character, now with a voice, ready to star in your next video project.

3. The Community Reacts

Responses to the talking avatars range from amused to slightly unnerved. 'This is cute, haha!' meets 'OMG That was flipping weird intro lol,' showcasing a wide array of community reactions.

Questions and creative ideas flow. From inquiries about cartoonish characters having trouble with face detection to suggestions for enhancing the game with facial animations courtesy of A.I., the dialogue is buzzing.

One thing's clear – A.I. technology in gaming opens up a pandora's box of possibilities. As the era of artificial intelligence dawns, who knows what's next for gaming avatars?

4. A Glimpse into the Future

The excitement within the community is palpable. Many view A.I. technology not as a novelty but as the future – a tool poised to bridge gaps in existing gaming features.

Despite the mixed feelings, one thing is unanimous: everyone appreciates a good deep dive into the unknown. The very act of bringing A.I. into the conversation has sparked curiosity and ingenuity.

Chris Poli's endeavours are not only fruitful but also deeply appreciated. The community's feedback, ranging from hilarious emojis to heartfelt thanks, underscores the potent blend of gaming and A.I.


This article spills the beans on how you can make your BDO characters talk using A.I technology. Spoiler alert: It's pretty cool, and surprisingly easy, with a website called studio.d-id.com taking the reins. You're one read away from giving your characters a voice.