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Bard Unveiled: A Starter's Guide to Google's Latest AI

By ますみ / エンジニア大学     Updated Mar 8, 2024

Welcome to a fascinating journey into the world of Bard, Google's latest AI marvel. If you're eager to grasp what Bard is and how it's shaking up the tech scene, you've landed in the right spot.

1. What Makes Bard Stand Out?

Bard, Google's conversational AI, steps into the limelight with distinctive features that set it apart. It is intricately designed to blend seamlessly with Google's ecosystem, offering unparalleled ease of integration. Imagine sending your chats directly to Google Docs or Gmail – Bard makes this possible.

Another feather in Bard's cap is its ability to generate and execute source code within Google Collab, showcasing a unique feature for developers and tech buffs. Additionally, Bard boasts a multilingual prowess, speedier language processing, and computationally optimized scaling, making it a strong candidate in the AI arena.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Bard currently lacks streaming functionality, cannot separate chat threads, and may fumble in accuracy for certain tasks. These domains highlight the evolving nature of Bard as it steps up to address these challenges.

2. Bard vs. ChatGPT: An AI Showdown

While Bard and ChatGPT share common ground as conversational AIs, the devil's in the details. Bard's backbone, powered by Google's models (from Lambda to the planned Palm2), diverges from ChatGPT's GPT models. But what does this mean for users?

First off, Google embraces an integration-friendly approach with Bard, promising a smoother bridge to its array of services. It's about streamlining experiences across Docs, Gmail, and more. This is where Bard endeavors to outshine ChatGPT.

Differences also surface in tasks like drafting with Bard displaying multiple options to choose from and boasting proficiency in a multilingual setup, showcasing its edge over ChatGPT, especially in universal accessibility and speed.

3. Interacting and Learning Together

The chatter about Bard has sparked a hive of activity in the comments. It's not just about experimenting with a new tech toy; it's becoming a community learn-a-thon.

Questions pour in, from the curious 'How does it do...?' to the keen 'Can it help with...?', turning the comment section into a knowledge-sharing feast. This interaction underscores a combined journey of discovery, sparking further interest.

The enthusiasm mirrors a tech-literate audience eager for innovation. As comments swivel from personal insights to shared learning points, it's clear—Bard's journey is as much about learning with the AI as it is about what the AI can independently achieve.


This article dives into Bard, a groundbreaking AI by Google, contrasting its features with ChatGPT, revealing its strengths, weaknesses, and the buzzing public interest around it. It's designed to give you a comprehensive understanding, wrapped in a sneak peek of user reactions.